Cooler Master Elite 310 Case Review

Cooler Master Elite 310 case in black

Time to get to work

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  • Cooler Master Elite 310 Case
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  • Last modified: September 12, 2014

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While you wouldn't catch me carting it around to the next LAN party, you'd probably see at least one of my computers housed in it; if I had a thing for pink, that is.

After these initial observations it was time to get to work. For this build, I reused one of my old dual Athlon MP motherboards – A K7D Master 1, to be exact. There’s no particular reason for this selection other than the availability of spare parts I have. The ATX board had no problem fitting into the case and was easy to secure, though the case does not have an abundance of cable management options, so the inside is bound to be a little more constricted than some other designs in terms of airflow and available space.

An oldie but a goodie, the K7D Master

An oldie, but a goodie: the K7D Master

To help things out a bit, I installed one of the SWiF 2’s (that’s Silent Whisper Fan 2) into the frontal intake area. The additional airflow it would provide was questionable though. With a fairly solid hard drive rack squarely behind the intake fan, I was left wondering how the airflow might be affected. Certainty the rack could have been slightly more perforated to provide a little more direct airflow to the rest of the case. It’s a small gripe, but not my only one concerning the hard drive rack.

SWiF2 Fan installed

Frontal fan installed effortlessly. This is the SWiF2

While the card I selected (a relic, can you identify it? No cheating!) was able to easily fit within the chassis, I had to wonder if other, larger designs would have problems with the orientation of the hard drive rack. Upon measuring one of my other cards (a GTX 460); I determined that it would fit, but just barely. The problem here lies with the length of the cards and the placement/orientation of the hard drive rack.

Guess that video card

Guess that card!