Cooler Master Choiix C-HL04-KP Air-Through Stash Notebook Cooler Review



So now you know.  Out of the box it pretty much describes itself.  Tapered from 2” at the top to less than 1” at the bottom for inclined use, the cooler itself has one fan positioned in the center for drawing heat directly from the vents that most notebook motherboards rest over.  It comes with a single USB cable with dual standard male plugs on one end and a mini male plug on the other.  This cable is intended to supply data transfer from the HDD as well as provide power to the cooler’s fan.  I’m not excited about this, as this is using one single port to provide power to both the HDD, which can really use up the electricity if it’s not a solid state drive, and 12v power to the fan as well.  Sounds like a potentially stressful situation in the long run, but time will tell on that one.  If daisy chaining 172 different things to a USB port doesn’t hurt it, then this shouldn’t either.  But since when do computers act the way they should?

The SATA connection for your 2.5″ hard drive

If you can open a battery pack for any electronic device, you can get to the hard drive dock on this cooler.  With a little pressure it slides right off giving you full access to the dock.  Simply slide a hard drive in and close it.  There are also three other USB ports located on the back opposite the main port.  These could be used for flash drives or just about anything else you wanted plug in.  There is an included 12v DC power port, however, there is no power cord.  So I guess it’s up to the consumer to find a cord that will work with this particular port.  A power button on the side controls the fan and also has a bright LED to let you know things are working properly.

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