Convert Your VHS to DVD


Saving Past Moments & Memories

Remember the holidays from three…five…ten years ago?  Birthdays?  Family outings?  The great times you had with your parents, grandparents or great grandparents?

Aren’t you glad you captured all of those special, precious moments on videotape?  You’ve got dozens of taped memories stacked in a cabinet or tucked away on a shelf in closet.

Disappearing Past
The problem is consumer VHS tape isn’t be best format to use for long-term storage.  Every time you play one of the tapes you wear away part of the image, you scratch the video, you destroy small portions of the memories.  If you haven’t played the family celebration tapes for years you may be in for a rude awakening.  The magnetic film may have aged, turned black and the images disappeared.  The coating may mysteriously peel away or flake off when the tape is played.

The special moments, the memories are suddenly…simply memories.  Signs of video quality degradation can become apparent after five years or sooner if the tapes aren’t stored properly.  Before those precious videotaped moments disappear, transfer them to DVD.

Today’s low-cost DVD burners and low-cost, easy-to-use hardware/software products like Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder make the task of transferring your footage to quality brand name DVD discs fast and simple.  Saving past holidays and family events for generations can be a snap.

When the job is done you have videos that:

  • Won’t deteriorate no matter how often you play the disc because the laser never touches the media
  • Will play on virtually any DVD player, recorder or drive
  • Will last 50-100 years
  • You can copy them again and again and each copy will be as clear and crisp as the original
  • Let you add menus so you can quickly move from video clip to video clip
  • Take up almost no space on your shelf or in your drawer