Condemned: Criminal Origins Cheats

Condemned: Criminal Origins Cheats

Miscellaneous Tips
Sprinting: Don’t bother sprinting on the stairs, just leave it for when sprinting along level surfaces.

Guns: As with all guns, it’s best to save the revolver for fights against multiple enemies (or against exceptionally tough loners). Particularly puny enemies can be finished off with a combination of Taser and kicks instead.

Strategic Dropping: Drop important weapons and tools near distinctive objects or in easy-to-find spots. That way you won’t have to search for them later.

Big Melee Weapons: If you want to use big melee weapons, practice hanging back, then veering ahead far enough to hit your enemy with your weapon. Drift back. This makes the most of your weapons’ superior reach and keeps you away from your opponents’ faster weapons.

If you happen to find a T.V. with an Xbox 360 attatched to it, press A to access it. You will get a special award on you Xbox Live Account.

Walkthrough for Bird, Metal, and TV locations

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