Complete Halo 3 Walkthrough

A brief foreword

Welcome to the biggest game of all time, so far. What more can I say? I cannot add or take away from the experience for anyone. There’s nothing more to say. It is like playing a movie though, whatever that means.

I will say that I was one of those few who got the Limited Edition version, though I didn’t have to buy mine. Yes, it was scratched, but at least the game worked fine. It is the first limited edition game I own, and the extras were fine, and I liked the little book included. Plus, the box just looks great.

Also, I will have to say that I have not made this guide with any intentions to include multiplayer info. It’s basically a whole other monster that would need its own guide.

Happy slaying,

Just in case someone doesn’t have the booklet or the poster thing.

Halo 3 Xbox 360 Controls
button result
A Jump
B Melee
X Equipment
Y Swap Weapon
RB Hold for action; reload right gun
LB dual-wield; swap grenade type; reload left gun
RT fire right gun
LT fire left gun; throw grenade
RS aim/look; click to zoom
LS move; click to crouch
D-pad Up for flashlight; multiplayer talk
Back multiplayer score
Start pause menu

Starter Tips
Just some advice to help you get going.

  • Save the Grunts for last – that means go for the leader, usually a Brute, so that the Grunts become demoralized. You should almost never waste scarce ammo on the little guys.
  • Don’t forget to smack a fool – if you’re close to a bad guy, hit him. Simple as that. You save ammo and you give a lot of damage.
  • Waste the handgun ammo first – it’s actually a good gun, as I found out on later plays. But you don’t find much ammo for it. Use up its rounds and then toss it.
  • Battle Rifle and Carbine – for most of the game these guns are the best.
  • Only two grenades, but don’t conserve – you only get two of each type, but there is a healthy amount of grenades throughout the game. Basically, don’t waste them, but don’t horde them either.
  • Aim for the head – very basic, but even though your headshots from rifles don’t result in instant-kills, focus on the head area.
  • The AI can’t drive for nothing – seriously. The first driving section is fine for you to go gunner, but you should drive most of the time after.
  • Run for cover when you’re red – even though you might run out of shield and you think it’s too late, you would be surprised how many times running for cover will save you.
  • Always watch your ammo – keep track of how much ammo both of your guns have. If one is low keep an eye out for a better gun.
  • When in doubt, backtrack – if for some reason you can’t go forward and you don’t understand my directions, just go backwards.


Advanced Tips

  • Legendary is for the birds – no really, just get a high perch, a good old sniper rifle, and stay behind cover. There are more enemies and there are more snipers. Just play it safe.
  • Run like heck – seriously, you can run past many fights with no consequences. Well, I noticed that the checkpoints will not pop up if enemies are around. But if you can make it, just run. This is not a tip for the lower difficulties, but higher ones may consider more chickening out.

This guide was made using the default settings, including normal difficulty. And trust me, other than a few spots and most of the Flood encounters, the game is really easy on normal.

I refer to each level in two ways, just in case someone goes by one way and not the other. I’ll name each section by the name in the theater, and by the name
of the achievement after you beat a level. And if all else fails, just count the levels and you’ll know which one you need.

Also, it’s best if you read ahead of where you are just a bit. If you’re afraid of spoilers, don’t be, but I can’t promise nothing. If I do spoil something for you, it will be when you get to that point in the guide. So if you can’t handle that, I don’t know what to say.

Last thing, I have a few terminals in the game, but if you’re one that wants to get everything in one game (which is a bad way to do it) then you need to visit my skulls section and plan everything out accordingly. But, I still say just play the game once, THEN go back and get the achievement stuff.