Fix ‘COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working’ Error

I’ve been having problems whenever I browse to a folder containing video files. The thumbnails don’t generate and I was getting an error message “DLLHost has stopped working” or something like that. I upgraded to the Divx 6.5 codec and still got an error “COM Surrogate has stopped working”.

I finally found a fix.

It appears that the problem is not Divx, but Nero 7 (I had to upgrade because Nero 6 doesn’t work in Vista). Apparently Nero has been set as the default handler for xvid/divx files, so when explorer attempts to create thumbnails on the fly (when you browse to a folder containing video), it crashes and you get the error.

If you have Nero 7 installed, rename the file: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\ to but this will result in Nero Showtime being unable to play the video component. I don’t use Nero Showtime so I don’t care.

Now everything works fine.

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