ColdCPU Copper RAM Heatsinks Review


Most video cards these days come with RAMsinks preinstalled, some however do not. If you are an overclocker and want the get the most out of your video card you will want to cool the RAM so that you will not damage it while overclocking. ColdCPU sent over 4 copper RAMsinks for me to review. They are solid copper with 3 fins and will fit almost any video card. They will give you the cooling you will need, even if your video card comes stock with RAMsinks you may want to swap them out for these.

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I will be using a Asus Geforce 2 GTS 64MB video card, this video card does not come with any RAMsinks so these are just what this older card needs to spice it up a bit.

As you can imagine they are quite small, only a little bigger than a penny.

These copper RAMsinks do not come with any thermal compound so I will be using Artic Alumina epoxy to attach them. Artic Alumina works on a 1 to 1 ratio so you will need to squeeze out the same amount of both and mix them together.

After you have mixed up the epoxy go ahead and apply a thin amount to the RAM.

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I then attached the RAMsinks to the RAM, when I put them on they started to move a little so I had to watch them and make sure they stayed where they needed to be. After about 5 minutes the epoxy was hard enough so that they were not going anywhere. I waited another 10 minutes before I reinstalled the video card just to be sure they were secure.

After I had the card reinstalled I went ahead and looped 3DMark2001SE to get the load temperatures of the RAM with and without the RAMsinks. The video card is not overclocked at all so it’s all stock speeds. As you can see with no cooling the RAM got pretty hot, topping out at 44 degrees Celsius at load.

From the graph below you can see that the RAMsinks do their job and do it well, they kept both the idle and load temperatures low. At load the RAM temperature was 5.7 degrees Celsius lower than no cooling.


As you can see from the testing these copper RAMsinks work really well. If your video card does not have any RAMsinks or you want to change your stock ones to something that not everyone has I would suggest these to you. I was not able to test whether I could overclock farther with these installed compared to no cooling because I got 4 and have 8 RAM chips. I would like to thank ColdCPU head on over and pick these bad boys up, I am cause I need 4 more.


  • Perform great
  • Look cool
  • Easy to install
  • Pure copper


  • No thermal epoxy included
  • Can be expensive
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.