ClearPC Acrylic Case



ClearPC is a Canadian company which makes completely clear cases. The case is made of 3/16″ Cast Clear Lucite, this particular model is an ATX mid-tower, with the dimensions of 18 3/8″ x 8 11/16″ x 16 13/16.” The ClearPC has 4 x 5.25″, 4 x 3.5″ (4 x CDROM, 3 x HDD, 1 x FDD).

There is a precut 80mm intake and 80mm exhaust for a fan in the case, which is very cool. You can’t purchase the case directly from ClearPC you can only get them from the resellers listed on the main page. This case retails for about $175.00 which is no bargin case for sure, but as you will see the price is well worth it. It was quite hard to take pictures of this case, seeing how it is completely clear. I did the best that I could, and I really must say none of these pictures do it justice.

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The ClearPC case comes in a very large box, I was wondering why it was so big until I opened it. The case is double boxed with packing peanuts in-between the 2. It’s really nice to see that they spent the time and extra money to correctly protect this case. Then I pulled out the main box monogrammed with ClearPC

I opened the main box, and it had a lot of plastic covering the case to make sure it does not get scratched. It also has styrofoam on all of the corners to protect it as well. There is a Ziploc bag which has all of the screws and pieces that you get with the case taped to one of the flaps.

The Ziploc bag contains all the screws, standoffs, LEDs, switch, and a normal 80mm fan grill. I would have liked 2 fan grills to be included with the package since there are 2 holes, however they only cost about $1.

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You get a bay cover which covers 3 bays allowing 1 CDROM drive, it would be much better if 4 individual bay covers were provided so that if you have 2 CDROMs you would have an open space, or if you had none you could cover them all.

Here is a shot of the side of the case there are 4 cap nuts which hold the side panel on. The back of the case has the I/O plate area, an 80mm exhaust fan hole, the power supply cutout, and where the cards go. I put it on the box so that it was easier to see the case in detail, like I said before some of the pictures are hard to determine.

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The front bezel is held on by 4 cap nuts as the side is, even though it’s a Lucite case you can still remove the bezel, which is very easy I might add. There is an 80mm hole for an intake fan, and you can see to the right that there is a spot for the power button and 2 LEDs.

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Even though the case is made of Lucite, and the chances of cutting yourself are not very likely, they took the time to round and smooth all the edges of the case so they are perfectly smooth. You can also see the clear rubber feet on the bottom of the case.