Computer Case Cleaning



The inside of your case can either be an eyesore or something that looks like a professionally done job. If you have a window or just hate having the inside of your case in shambles this article should show you how to tidy it up and make it look nice. There are many different ways and many different things you can use to do what I am about do. I am just giving you an idea of what to do and how to do it.

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Before we begin here is a before picture of what the inside of my computer looked like, its not a pretty sight.

The first thing that I would suggest doing is removing all the IDE cables, Molex connectors, and anything else that has a wire or cord of some sort. After you have removed everything the best thing to do would be to round your IDE, FDD, and SCSI cables. There are many different techniques you can use to round IDE cables, however I don’t feel there is a need to cut them, which possibly could damage them. Instead I am just going to be folding them into split loom. If you have professionally rounded cables you can skip this part.

Take your IDE and FDD cables that you will be using and lay them out.

Now take the first one you are going to do and take the longer side and fold it into itself so that it is small enough to fit in the split loom that you are going to use.

Now take your split loom and slide the IDE cable into it so that most of the IDE cable is covered.

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Now do the same thing with the other half of the IDE cable and you should have a finished round IDE cable that will probably look something like this.

After you have finished rounding your IDE, FDD, SCSI, etc… cables we can move on to the rest of the case.