Cleaning Up Drives

Today has been all about cleaning up hard drives and organizing stuff, trying to prepare for the emminent FIOS installation.* As I’m uncluttering both my virtual and physical spaces, I’m finding lots of stuff that needs to be consolidated.

I have serveral computers that are no longer in use (partly due to dismantling my Media Centers), so I need to find a use for them.* I’m turning one into a new 64-bit server with 8GB of RAM, and throwing others into the spare parts pile.* I think I have about 6 unused HTPC cases, so it’s time to get them ready for eBay!* I need to put all the parts together, clean them up and get them nice and shiny… oh, and pack them up so I don’t get screwed by “estimating” how much they will weigh.*
I hadn’t sold cases on eBay before simply because of the high cost of shipping, but why should I worry about it: the buyer will be paying the shipping anyway.

I can go ahead and build some computers, but I need to get some more equipment so I can do it right the first time… like getting large hard drives before installation so I don’t have to go through the upgrade hassle later.
I took a buttload of product photos the other day, and now I’m getting ready to have a huge article-writing frenzy.* I already did one today about the ATEN Dual-DVI KVMP switch, which really helps with doing these server and firewall installs.

Also gotta get ready for Casual Connect (coming up next week), and PAX (coming up next month).

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