Classic Gaming Madness: Megaman 3


Third Time's a Charm

After Megaman 2 basically showed us how to make an awesome sequel. Capcom did what they later would be notorious for: The made more sequels.

Even today, Capcom schedules their yearly catalogue around sequels to their top franchises. Usually when they come out with something original, it tanks. Once they have one game that sells pretty well from the two original titles introduced a year, you can bet that there’s gonna be a gazillion sequels.

Back to Megaman. At this point, Capcom was a super-shiny new company, so making a bunch of sequels wasn’t in their cards yet, but Megaman III was.

This game offered a graphical face lift for the games, and even more of a jump from Megaman II than Megaman 2 had from Megaman 1. I can’t really describe what I thought when I saw how crisp and colorful these backgrounds were, they were so unique and the game moved flawlessly.

The first shocker is that Dr. Wiley is on the side of good now. You only learn this from the manual. The first time I played it was a rental, and I had no clue Wiley was even a good guy until I killed all the robot masters and everyone was making a fuss.

Rush the robo dog also joins in for the first time. When we saw this dog, it made things more awesome. Who needs to call those special weapons “Item-1” now? Just program it into the dog. Now those special weapons actually have a bit of personality. So cool.

Megaman even has a cool slide dash. Again, we were so accustomed to the game by now, that if you rented it. It took you a few minutes to figure out Megaman had a dash. After having the same sprite for two games, and no changes to his initial arsenal. If you didn’t have the manual, it took a bit of time to figure that part out.

There were also a few select parts where you battled Protoman, Megaman’s jealous brother. In the Japanese version he was called “Blues” to go along with the Rock n Roll thing that the Megaman games were known for.

A lot of people have complained that Megaman 2 was the pinnacle of the fun, and Megaman 3 was just more of the same, but I think there were enough additions to make this better than Megaman 2. A lot of people do agree with me and the debate on which Megaman the series started to go downhill on is continued to this day.

If there is anything stupid about this game-it’s the weapons. All of them are good except for (you knew this was coming) that stupid top spin. Look at that gut on Megaman…such a stupid move. I want to know what kind of cannabis the execs at Capcom were using to put this in the arsenal. I want to do some of it! Aside from that lame weapon though, this is a pretty good game, check it out.

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