Classic Gaming Madness: Megaman 2


We all have to go number 2

The original Megaman was a fun game, sure, but it wasn’t a best selling masterpiece like you may think. Regardless, Capcom brought out a sequel, Megaman 2.

The first noticeable difference in MM2 was the fact that rather than six robot masters there were eight. Granted, stages were shortened a bit, but the level variety was vastly improved.

The next difference was the music. While the music in Megaman was considered a masterpiece, 2’s just blows it away. Every tune was distinct and well remembred. If you were a kid who played this game, chances are you hummed Air Man or the first stage of Dr. Wiley’s Castle.

One of the most questionable non-improvements was Megaman, the character. Rather than a brand new sprite, the character kept the exact same sprite used in the previous title, and wouldn’t get a new sprite until he went to the Super Nintendo. I always wondered why he never got an upgrade. For fans like me, we’ve come accustomed to it, but it always felt with the first sequel that Megaman himself should get an improvement.

But the thing that everyone remembers in this game today, is how frustratingly hard several stages are in this game. The American release had a normal difficulty setting-which was actually an easier setting than the original Japanese version. Play difficult for the REAL game. Even on normal there are several parts of the game so damn hard you may break a controller. Hell, there’s even a boss where to this day I have to die twice so I can recharge my weapon and finish it off.

Oh yeah, there is one more thing. That huge-ass dragon you gotta fight at the end of the first level of Dr. Wiley (hint, use a charged up Heat Wave).

For many, the pinnacle of Megaman was with the second game. I personally feel things got stale much later, but that’s up for debate. In any case, Megaman 2 is an excellent classic game that had WAYYYYY more influence than you may realize. If you want to play a historic game, I’d advise you to go check it out, and if you haven’t played it recently, go give it another run.

Next up: Megaman 3 the second to last great Megaman game.

Boss Order: Flash Man, Quick Man, Wood Man, Wind Man, Crash Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man. Metal Man can be defeated whenever.

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