Cirago CST2010 Smart Mobile Storage


Dump your digital media

If you are serious about digital photography, then you’ve almost certainly found yourself without enough storage out in the field. Even though high capacity media cards are very affordable, many people end up taking more pictures with higher quality. Many digital video cameras are starting to use flash memory also, as a 2GB card can easily record over nearly two hours of stardard-definition video. You can really find yourself in a pickle when you find yourself with several of these devices, which a typical family does nowadays.

This happens to me a lot. My first digital camera came with a 16MB SmartMedia card, which didn’t hold a lot of photos. My Nikon SLRs eat up 2GB cards just as easily. I inevitably spend time feverishly deleting the photos that didn’t come out, and by the time I’m finished I’ve lost several valuable photo opportunities. If there were only a way I could download my cards when I don’t have access to a computer…

Cirago has created their new “Smart Mobile Storage” solution, which is a compact portable enclosure with everything you need to copy digital flash media directly to a standard laptop hard drive… no computer needed!

Cirago Smart Mobile Storage is the best solution for your flash memory card(s). Compatible with PC and Mac, Smart Mobile Storage is ready to travel with you and your digital camera. This device supports a wide variety of flash cards and allows the transfer of photos, data, music and movies to the storage device by one simple touch button.


  • Part Number: CST2010
  • Card Supported: Compact Flash type I/II (CF), Micro Drive (MD), Memory Stick (MS, MS Pro, MS Duo), MS Duo Adaptor, MS Pro Adapter, Multi Media Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Smart Media (SM), XD Picture (XD)
  • Storage Media: 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive
  • Interface: USB 2.0 plug and play
  • Display: LCD display with blue back light
  • Power: 5V/120mAh re-chargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Recharging time: 3 hrs
  • Continuous copy time: 1 hour
  • Connection Speed: 2MB/sec
  • File system: Standard FAT32

  • 2.5″ Hard Disk Enclosure with 7-in-1 Card Reader
  • Reliable data storage supporting multiple card standards
  • High-speed USB 2.0, backwards compatible with USB 1.1
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery for robust operating time
  • Easy to use, one click data backup
  • Compatible with most flash media formats
  • AC adapter or USB cable for quick recharge
  • 10GB – 120GB Storage Capacity (optional)

Package Contents

  • Smart Mobile Storage
  • CD Rom Installer
  • Universal AC Power
  • Adapter (100-240V)
  • Storage Media 2.5″
  • Hard Disk (Optional)
  • User manual
  • USB cable
  • Carrying bag