Cinco de Mayo!!!

I have to admit, I went to Azteca for lunch and had a tasty enchilada special. And a margarita! But they were playing Top 40 80’s music. WHAT THE HELL!? Isn’t Cinco de Mayo a big frickin’ deal? Apparently not so much. I wish I was out partying tonight, but alas, I have to watch the kid and go to work tomorrow.

I had two errands to run today. Neither of them got done. I went to the bookstore and they were closed for three hours in the middle of the day (which I did not know about). I went to the clinic and they were closed for an hour for lunch. ARGHHH!!! But, good news, I went on a walk for about two hours today and went up two huge hills. Ahhh feel the burn!

God I have flaky people that want piano lessons. And I hate it. People just ramble on and on about how great their kid is, and then ask me what I can do to preserve their kid’s greatness. Erm, probably nothing….now that you ask.

I have class on Thursday and need my new book. Yargh! I need it because I have a quiz the following week worth 1/5 of my grade. Lame.

Then! I was going to make chocolate chip cookies and realized we had no baking soda! What the hell. I was just at the store to get stuff for hamburgers. I could have sworn I had like 50 things of baking soda in the house. But alas, I am a huge loser.

Had fun throwing my iPod at the ground while testing out Otterbox products today. What a relief to know they work. Lol.

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