Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Walkthrough


Cair Paravel

Defend Cair Paravel (The Hub)

  1. Once the level has loaded, take control of the Minotaur and head right towards the battlements mission
  2. You may take control of playable characters by approaching them and pressing to switch characters
  3. While heading right towards the stairs you will likely be attacked by Telmarine soldiers
  4. The Minotaur has a special smash attack that can be used to attack a number of enemies at once, use it on the nearby soldiers by pressing
  5. Once the Telmarines have been defeated continue right to the stairs
  6. You will notice that the stairs are blocked by wreckage
  7. The wreckage can be cleared using the Minotaur’s smash ability
  8. As you proceed up the stairs you will notice the gate at the top is closed
  9. There are a number of instances where gates may be unlocked by hitting switches with an arrow
  10. As the Faun may fire arrows as his special ability, switch to that character with the button
  11. The bullseye prompt you need to hit is just above the closed gate at the top of the stairs
  12. Hold down (Right Bumper button) to target the bullseye prompt and fire an arrow with the Faun by pressing
  13. Once you have hit the switch the gate will open and provide access to the mission

Mission 1 – Protect the Battlements

  1. In this mission you will need to free the Giants by throwing barrels at the Telmarines holding them captive
  2. You may pick up a barrel by approaching one and pressing the button
  3. Once you have a barrel, walk to the outcrop to your left, and hold down to target the Telmarines restraining the giants
  4. Throw the barrel by pressing again
  5. A number of Telmarines will climb the battlements and attack while you attempt to free the Giants
  6. Tap to perform a regular attack and fight off these soldiers
  7. Continue to throw barrels at the Telmarines on the ground until one of the Giants is free
  8. If you find it difficult to get the barrels to clear the battlements, try switching to the Minotaur as his height makes the process a bit easier
  9. Upon freeing a Giant you will be transported onto one of their backs
  10. Your objective is to dispatch the number of Telmarine archers indicated at the top of your screen
  11. You can identify the archers by the red dot above their heads
  12. Like the Minotaur, Giants may perform a ground smash by pressing
  13. Walk up to the wooden barricades directly in front of you and smash them
  14. Once beyond the barricades make your way for the right side archers ahead
  15. Smash the ground when near the archers to incapacitate them but act quickly as they’ll flee
  16. If any archers get away you can find them on the minimap with their special “bow” icon
  17. Once those archers are gone head to the left side of the map through another barricade
  18. Grapple Telmarines may attempt to restrain your Giant as you progress
  19. If this happens you can dismount and mount the giant by pressing at any time
  20. There will be a number of occasions in which you’ll be required to team up with friendly characters and it can all be done with the button
  21. Do this and battle the Telmarines restraining your Giant and get back on
  22. Once you are through the leftmost barricade attack the remaining archers
  23. This will compete the mission

Back to Defend Cair Paravel (The Hub)
  1. You will find yourself back in the courtyard exactly where you left
  2. Your objective is the entrance to the beach overlook mission
  3. Now cross the courtyard to a set of steps directly opposite to your current position
  4. Once you have climbed the stairs, you will again notice that a gate bars your access
  5. The Dwarf and small characters like him, can enter tunnels in walls to access new areas
  6. Switch to the Dwarf with the button and walk toward the small access hole
  7. You will roll in and reappear on the ledge above the dwarf hole.
  8. Approach the lever and press and when prompted, tap until you complete the action
  9. There are many levers throughout the course of the game and they may all be operated in the same way
  10. Once the lever is pulled the gate at the bottom of the tower will rise
  11. Re-enter the small access hole in the wall and roll back on down
  12. Go through the gate
  13. To your right is a small metal cage on the ground and another closed gate
  14. Pick up the cage by approaching it and pressing
  15. Carry the cage to the right and up the steps at the base of the small tower
  16. When near the platform at the top of the steps you’ll see a button prompt appear
  17. Throughout the game you’ll be required to place items in specific locations
  18. Do this by pressing when prompted
  19. The cage should weigh down the platform and raise the gate
  20. Go through the gate to the “Beach Overlook” mission