Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cheats

Best Ending Unlockables
If you get the best ending, you can get these.
Richiter and Sisters Mode: Start a new game with a different duo.
Boss Rush Courses 2 and 3: Selectable from the Boss Rush menu.
Hard Difficulty: You can place a max level cap here too.
New Game with Goodies: Start a new game on your clear data.
Sound Mode: Selectable at the main menu.

Unlockable: Konami Man, Twin Bee, Vic Viper
Finish hard mode.

Unlockable: Alternate Vincent Portrait
Finish Hard Mode.

Map Notes
If you select the map in the menu section, you have the option to use markers with the touch screen that help you make note key areas that you want to remember.

Unlockable: The Magus Ring
Finish all of Wind’s quests.

Mastering Subweapons
Go to City of Haze and use the first warp to reach the second warp. Drop down and keep moving left through about two rooms until you reach a room full of zombies. Continue to use your subweapon there until the zombies stop coming back or you run out of MP.

When this happens, go into the room to your left. There should be two lamps and a chandelier. You can use these to get your MP back once you run out.

Once you’ve broken all the lights, go back into the room with the zombies and then back into the room with the lights to get more hearts. Continue doing this until MP is full. Then, continue to kill zombies.

You may repeat this process as many times as you like or as many times needed for the mastery of your specific subweapon. Since zombies only have eight HP and since there are many lights near by, this is the most convenient spot for mastering subweapons.

Sub-Weapon Mania
Any sub-weapon that you can buy at the shop can be mastered at a price. Buying the item again earns you 10 percent towards its mastery but this does not apply to sub-weapons dropped by enemies.

To master all sub-weapons quickly (except the mastery ring) go to the lowest portal in Forgotten City on the the right hand side of the map. There is a save point on the right and a room with mummies nearby. When you run out of MP, simply go two rooms right and use the save point to fully restore your sub-weapon MP.