Case-Mate iPhone Clear Case


Let's Get Naked!

Apple’s iPhone is clearly one of the biggest must-have items for this generation.  Like it or not, the iPhone dominates the Smartphone market.  It looks really sleek and delicate, and is just begging to be ruined by just about anything.  I mean, the iPhone gets unsightly scratches and fingerprints just by just thinking about it.  All of its processing might and it still can’t win a battle against an enraged Dust Bunny.

The iPhone is begging for protection.  The AT&T store rep even told me how one customer dropped their shiny new iPhone on the pavement right after walking out of the door.  If you don’t have some sort of impact or scratch protection in place, then you’re begging to buy another one before your two-year contract is up.  That either means purchasing one at full price, or resetting your contract to get a “cheap” phone.

There are several cases available for the iPhone.  Some have a rubberized silicone skin, some have screen protectors.  If you want to retain the sleek look of the iPhone, but also want impact and screen protection, then you might be interested in Case Mate’s new Naked iPhone 3G case.

This state-of-the-art version of the Naked case includes:

  • Full touch-through access via an electrostatic membrane that protects your screen
  • A thick acrylic shell for added protection
  • A sturdy “click-snap” back clasp
  • Enlarged cutouts for easy access to controls
  • Smoothed edges

It must be noted that the Naked case is not meant to work with screen protectors, as the case doubles as one.

The case is made from two thick acrylic pieces, which have a groove that secures the two pieces together.  There is a latch at the bottom which fastens them together.  There are large holes cut out around the iPhone’s buttons, which gives you access to the volume/mute buttons, sleep and home button.  There are also cutouts for the earphone speaker, and the area around the bottom for the USB connector, microphone and mini speakers.  All in all, it has holes for every input/output area of your portable device.

The top of the case actually functions as a screen protector.  The screen area is made from the same acrylic material as the rest of the case, but it is just much thinner.

From our testing, there is very little (if any) sensitivity loss with this screen protector in place.  It doesn’t cling to the iPhone’s screen like “true” screen protection film, as it is much more rigid.  There are times, however, when moisure gets in between the screen and its protector, making unsighly bubbles.  The way to get rid of them is to clean the iPhone and Naked case with alcohol and dry thoroughly.  Case-mate actually recommends using baby powder, but I’m not sure how this wouldn’t make a mess.  Using Windex, soap, or anything else that doesn’t try instantly will surely leave bubbles when you press down on the screen.

There are a few pros and cons to this case when compared to other popular iPhone cases.  This case will not pick up pocket lint like rubberized cases will, but the large holes do allow a lot of dust to get into the case.  Because the case is clear plastic, it can get unsightly scratches, just as easily as the iPhone itself.  You can buff them out with Novus Plastic Scratch remover (reviewed here), though.