Car Thieves Caught!

Yah, I do know the person; they have them held in jail right now. I’m not sure if they’re out on bail or what, but I will go down to the police station to recover my lost items, and then I will find out.

Microbiology in about 15 minutes! Yay I am so excited. I just went to the bookstore and explored the vast stupidity of college students. People bitch bitch bitch about things at the cash register, meanwhile the line has wrapped around the entire store and continued down one of the aisles. R-tards. The manager of the bookstore rang me up, but with the HELP OF ANOTHER CASHIER! The manager couldn’t even operate the retarded 1970’s cash register. Wow….

Okay… btw… I LOVE my VW, but I also LOVE american cars. I want a Corvette and a Mustang, if I can get them…. but also, I want a Ferrari. So I don’t actually care, I just think it’s crazy when people buy the huge crazy Ford King Ranch edition of a truck, I mean, do we.. in suburbia… really need a KING RANCH EDITION!?!?!? We’re not haulin’ ponies out here, we’re driving to congested Seattle to plunk our butts into an office chair for 8 or more hours. Ridiculous.

And just to note for fun… I am wearing scrubs right now. YES!

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