Car Drivers are Special Ed.

Today was the big day. I moved the princess (aka. my motorcycle.. who is carburated and acts like a princess) from my moms to my side of the water. The ride took approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Along the way, I had to drive Highway 18, Interstate 5, Highway 16, and Highway 3. There were many cops abound, but I was too busy watching the retards around me to speed anyway.

During the ride I got hit by many rocks, cigarette butts, was almost side swiped three times, and cut off twice. All in all, it was a good ride. Cost me $7.79 to go 70 miles. (Paid $4.63 a gallon)…
Happy to have her home.

Trisha had a really epic biography, but made us take it down. Something to do with government conspiracies, Cthulu, and being the "Chosen One" or something. You can follow her on Twitter @TrishaDuerr.