Capcom Now Available for Hostile Takeover

Capcom logo

Capcom shareholders voted to end the company’s takeover defense plans—a series of standard operating procedures should an investor(s) buy large amounts of stock in the company in interests of a buyout. The vote, or lack thereof, now allows anyone to buy large amounts of stock or enact a potential hostile takeover if they have enough in funds.

This does not mean Capcom is not actively putting the company up for sale. In their press release, Capcom stated, “we will react to take steps to ensure disclosure of the position of the board of directors and other information and that there is sufficient time for shareholders to examine the proposed large-scale purchase.”

This comes hot off the heels of Yoshinori Ono’s announcement on Twitter he is leaving his role Capcom Vancouver.

If you’re interested in buying, Capcom stock currently stands at $16.62 a share.

Source: Gamasutra, Capcom

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