Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough


A brief foreword

Eh, WWII is officially over after this game. This was a great game, good as could be for a material more overdone than the obligatory holiday romantic comedy.

This is a great game worth a play at the very least, but it must be by far the best WWII game ever, maybe only challenged by CoD2.

Again, please, make the next one in the Civil War or American Revolution, Vietnam even. Something new and not about a war I’ve learned more from video games than school.



PS3 Xbox 360 Action
X A jump
square B crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
O X reload/use; usually need to hold to use something
triangle Y switch guns
R1 RT fire
L1 LT aim down the sight
R2 RB frag grenade
L2 LB special grenade (either smoke or molotov)
RS RS look/aim; click to melee
LS LS move; click to sprint
Start Start pause / objectives