Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Not much to say, perfect FPS, a story that isn’t just phoned in, and just near photo realistic graphics. Really a must play by anyone with a gaming machine.

The only thing worth talking about is the mission “No Russian”, which you are heavily warned by the game itself. I do think it was put in for pure shock value. Aside from possible anti-terrorism criticisms on the US, it just seems too easy to sit back and let the event unfold. I actually haven’t been too fond on these “extreme” first person events from this series lately, it’s becoming a lame gimmick.

What next, they’re gonna make us shoot puppies and bury us alive?



A Jump
B Crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
X reload/use; usually to hold to use something
Y Switch Guns
RT Fire, don’t have to aim
LT Aim down the sight
RB Frag Grenade
LB Special Grenade (either flash or smoke)
RS Look/Aim; click to Melee
LS Move, click to sprint
BACK Multiplayer Scoreboard
D-Pad Inventory

PS3 and PC stuff should be standard, 360 controls are exactly as in COD4.

Starter Tips

#1. Reload often, and use your backup gun instead of reloading when in combat. Pistols and shotguns are faster to switch to while fighting than reloading, and honestly you don’t lose a lot in firepower by switching, just maybe a  little less speed of firing.

#2. Cover cover cover. This isn’t a cover-based game with a stick-to-the-wall mechanic, but you still need to use anything you can to hide behind and peek around the corner to fire, or use anything else in your inventory to scatter enemies. Lastly, many guns can shoot through surfaces, so use caution when hiding behind cardboard boxes.

#3. Sprinting almost makes you un-hittable, but of course you can’t fire during. If you’re position is compromised and enemies are surrounding you, or a frag lands near you, just sprint away. If you are caught in the open and  under fire, just sprint away to cover. You’d be suprised how often you can save your ass this way.

#4. Preset enemies are more common than the infinite streams this series is notorious for. But more importantly, you need to realize that this game  doesn’t have “gates” that are opened by killing X number of enemies, usually the missions progress just by you reaching an area or using something. Rarely is it your top priority to kill everyone firing at you. And as we said,  sprinting makes you hard to hit, so kill a few enemies and sprinting to the  path is best in some instances.

#5. Don’t waste your tools, but don’t forget you have them. Yeah, requires some advanced knowledge to know when in a level to use certain things like smoke grenades, but so long as you don’t blow them all in one fight, probably okay to use them when you want to.

#6. Stick to your allies. Less of them will keep getting replaced, but they are still valuable to not only try to protect, they do very well to help you kill enemies.

#7. Frag often, frag hard. Your grenades should be used often because you’ll find more all over. Use them when you see clusters of enemies, or you are  pinned down.


#8. Cook your frags, meaning you hold the toss button for about one-two seconds before you toss it. This reduces the chance the enemies can toss it back.

#9. Rarely ever swap guns that you are given, especially on the “sniper”  missions, but I try my best to tell you when to swap out.

#10. Make sure enemies are dead, a wounded enemy can fire pistol rounds at you if you don’t kill them.