Call of Duty Ghosts Review

Call of Duty Ghosts Review poster


I’ve never been big on war-themed games.  I played the original Call Of Duty games on PC back in the day.  While I did enjoy them, it just gets boring real fast for me.  I grew up reading a lot and watching horror movies like a junky who needed a constant fix, and still read and view in the same manner, so moving from area to area killing humans in a wartime scenario just doesn’t cut it for me.  I need a monster to jump out and try to rip my head off.  So for a long time I swore off COD, Battlefield, and all the others that guys in my age bracket stand in line for.

When I saw the commercials for Ghosts, I was drawn in.  First off, it’s a post-apocalyptic setup of sorts.  It’s not a sequel to any of the other games in the franchise.  Think of it as a spinoff if you must, a new set of characters set in a parallel universe where the world has gone to Hell.

You play one of two brothers who are one the ground when an oribiting weapon belonging to the United States is hijacked by a group called The Federation.  Blasts of light and flame fall from the sky, and you and your brother spend the first few minutes of the game running through houses as they break apart and fall into a deep chasm that is opening up in Hollywood.  As the houses sink into the abyss, you find yourself jumping onto and dodging the earth itself as you try to get to your father before the whole city crumbles under your feet.  I couldn’t help but think of the scene from 2012 where they’re trying to escape the falling city in the limosine.  It’s a lot like that.