Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster


Objective: Assault the mission

Out the back of the building there is another access point with mortars inside. Prepare for another mass slaughter of another thirty plus enemies. Beware of bell towers, rooftops and grenades. Take your time again and snipe your way through. Don’t stand still too long or you’ll get a visit from the grenade fairy.

INTEL (11/33): Halfway up the belltower

Once the area is clear move up to the belltower and climb to the top to take a prime position for the skirmish ahead. This is more like it, most of the enemies don’t even notice you so begin the massacre. Take out the RPG soldiers on the patio and the two snipers in the towers to the sides. Then start clearing the courtyard. There will be a lot of foliage blocking your sight line but you should ample ammo to compensate for this. A dragnov will be sitting here if you forgot to pack your sniper rifle.

Objective: Clear the Cocaine Bunker

CHECKPOINT. A bunker made out of cocaine? Open the access door to find a machete and a crapton of guns. Pick what you want and move out to the ammo crate room and use this spot to start picking off enemies with your sniper rifle or scoped weapon. The crate negates ammo worries so feel free to fire as many shots as you want. About twenty five enemies will be in the large production room here so it will take a while to clear it safely. After you can no longer see any enemies from the ammo room, walk out to the railing using the wall or crates for cover and snipe the remaining forces before moving towards the objective. Just before you reach the objective a final soldier will run out so just swap to an auto weapon and take him down.

INTEL (12/33): In the small room to the left of the objective marker

CHECKPOINT. Ten or so enemies will be waiting for you in the burning room but if you take it slow you should get through without any worries. If you want to get the intel for story achievements follow the flames around to the right to find a desk with a CIA envelope on it (get to it before the flames do).

Objective: Find and capture Menendez

CHECKPOINT. Climb the ladder to reach the outside world again and immediately take cover to the side of the small area as two enemies will automatically be firing at you. Follow the trail of destruction Woods leaves, putting down the odd one or two survivors until you reach a doorway to the inside of the building. Watch the unfortunate consequences of revenge and the level ends.