Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

TIME AND FATE (Nicaragua 1986)

Default loadout:

  • Primary: Galil with fast mag
  • Secondary: Barrett M82A1 with variable zoom
  • Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Smoke grenade 
  • Perks: Access Kit

Mission objective: Secure Raul Menendez

Objective: Menendez

Watch the opening scenes and then once you are rescued you enter a killing frenzy. That may be an understatement… The shotgun and melee both work equally well here as you move super-fast and basically one shot everything.

Objective: Rescue Josefina

This section seems to be more stress relief than actually difficult. Head for the objective decapitating everything in your way, taking cover when needed until you reach the axe. After displaying your pinpoint axe throwing skills, race up and machete more guys to the face.

INTEL (10/33): Inside the burning barn next to a stack of hay

Once you get to the massive open courtyard you will have to be more strategic in your approach as the insane number of enemy spawns can even overwhelm crazy man. Keep on the left wall and use the pillars to stay alive (keeping an eye out for enemies spawning behind you). You will most likely have to make a rush for the door and objective as the spawning seems infinite. When you make it to the top of the stairs you will witness another cut scene and you will be thrust into another soldier.

Objective: Clear the Cartel village

Walk down the hill to trigger the enemy spawn and then retreat back up and pull out your sniper rifle. You may need to retreat all the way up the hill as these guys can be freakishly accurate at range. When you approach the village, circle round from the right first as this will most likely be clear. You will also see an access point inside a nearby building which contains molotov cocktails. As you move uphill, enemies will be waiting with bated breath (and unfortunately weapons too). This is one of those take it fast and die or take it slow and be bored but live sections. Use your sniper rifle to clear out some guys and follow your squad up the hill. A machine gunner will be waiting at one point but he is a pretty easy target.

Once you are on flat ground again a CHECKPOINT will greet you. Watch out as a machine gunner truck will race around the corner towards you. Shoot the driver to gain the approval of your squad mates (Yay, the approval of AI. I feel so honoured), The villa ahead is swarming with enemies so you will have to take it slow and snipe your way to victory. There must be at least thirty guys here so I hope you brought enough ammo. Move up to the building once suppressing fire has been laid down by your squad and move to the entrance being careful of the three enemies up the stairs as you enter.