Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

OLD WOUNDS (Afghanistan 1986)

Default loadout:

  • Primary: AK47 with extended clip
  • Secondary: Makarov
  • Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Flashbang 
  • Perks: Access Kit

Mission objective: Gather intel on Menendez Cartel

Objective: Investigate Menendez’s connection with the Soviets

Watch the horsies fly overhead to gain control over your character.

Objective: Follow Zhao to the Mujahideen base

Take your new horse for a ride until you make it to the camp site.

Objective: Defend the west blocking point

INTEL (7/33): On boxes on the side of the room

As you head out again towards your ride there is an access door to the left you can pick to obtain some mortars… just cause. Exit the exploding camp to the imaginary tune of flight of the valkyries as you see helicopters airdrop enemy soldiers in your path. The AK47 here is far more accurate than in past incarnations and still just as lethal so go to town on these suckers. After which your allies will sweep to clean up any survivors.

INTEL (8/33): Instead of following your allies move straight ahead until you see a red flag with an ammo refill crate next to it. The intel is at the base of the flag

Sprint after your objective marker to reach a CHECKPOINT and see your allies embroiled in an skirmish.

Objectives: Destroy the enemy BTRs

Apparently BTR’s are now as common as mud or should I say sand in a desert. Race out from behind the rock and take cover against the pillar to the right. This will allow you to take out the two soldiers in the open ahead as well as the soldier concealed on the building to the left. Once these three are down move down the path until you reach a small structure and worm your way through it until you can see the dwelling the icon is pointing to. Sprint through the bullet hell and take cover as soon as you reach the building because the BTRs don’t like that kind of thing. When they roll away, take the chance to sprint up the steps and shoot the single guard to see your objective. The STINGER has a lot of ammo so don’t worry about running out. Unload on the BTRs when they aren’t shooting at you as much and blow them up to complete the objective.

CHECKPOINT. Keep the STINGER (there is an infinite refill right next to where you picked it up from anyway). On the same rooftop there is another access icon which when opened gives you mines to play with. Try out your new toys on the advancing vehicles that want to wipe you out. Blow the arch and hop on your horse and ride into the distance. Seriously.

Objective: Defend the base from being destroyed

Race back to the base and pull out your STINGER (no innuendoes here folks!). Blast the tanks trying to pound the walls of the camp. The STINGER should make short work of them (faster than mines anyway). Swap to the anti-air mode after taking out the tanks as a series of gunships that may give you fits or nightmares in later life… Take cover underneath the overhanging rock formation on the right side of the area when facing away from the camp. Use this spot to dance in and out of as you fire (get off the horse here as it will only get you killed). Once the final chopper goes down your new objective will appear.

Objective: Retake the weapons cache

Head for the objective, squishing enemies underfoot with your horse. There will be an arch on the left side of the entrance to the chasm which is a good place to dismount and start destroying helicopters and BTRs. Checkpoints will occur rapidly here as you take down the flying pests. If you head to your left from the arch there is a refill station. Work your way forward killing as you go, eventually your allies will take the weapons cache for you.

INTEL (9/33): Stand on the first bridge and look across it to see a dark cave, the intel is on the floor at the entrance

Objective: Return to Mujahideen base

Charge of the Light Brigade much? You’ll see what I mean. When the horse goes down hold RT and LT to remove the horse. The rest is all preset so just watch the pretty lights.

Objective: Interrogate Kravchenko

Guess who’s back. Watch the series of cut scenes to end the level.