Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster


Objective: Open container

Refill your ammo and open the container to progress. Put your camo back on after the box is opened and get to cover.

Objective: Defend the area

Use the 3D modelling machine on the left for cover as the enemies rush in. Your little turret should be able to deal with the enemy turret so it shouldn’t bother you as you mow down the enemy forces. Once the room is clear and you have patted your little companion on the head/chassis/gearbox… whatever, refill your ammo and open the gateway.

Objective: Obtain the Celerium drive

CHECKPOINT. Put your camo back on (sigh, why don’t they just have it auto turn on?) and enter the central area. The predictable death of your ‘rescued captive’ ensues and another wave of enemies enter the room. Put your camo back on AGAIN and follow your squad as they race for the objective.

Objective: Rendezvous with extraction team

INTEL (6/33): On a bench in the second room when following your team out (the one after where your little robot was found in).

Keep pushing through the rooms towards the objective. Your camo gear should make this a cakewalk but if you like you can take this slow by following your team as they move up. Once you meet Briggs the mission ends.