Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster


CHECKPOINT. Move towards the marker while remaining on the lookout for more cloaked soldiers, a hut to the right of the gateway has an ammo refill inside. Move into the gate and take cover to the left inside as a turret opens fire on the area. This is a perfect location to just shoot the turret operator so take the time to do so. Ah, veteran mode is back… With all the easy sections so far it seemed like the enemies were throwing peanuts instead of firing bullets at you. This section isn’t hard per se, it is just tedious if you don’t want to be caught by surprise with a bullet makeover.

Objective: Destroy the temple door

CHECKPOINT. Watch the door get blown apart and follow your squad into the inky gloom within.

Objective: Infiltrate the research facility

Follow the corridors down until you reach something that looks like an umbrella installation from the Resident Evil games. Watch your team open the large door for a CHECKPOINT. In the next room an access box will be to the side with active camo inside. Feel free to pick it up and refill your ammo before entering the complex proper. As soon as you do you will be knocked onto your ass by a robotic sentry drone. Reactivate your camo (it is invaluable against the drone and enemies within) and decide how you want to deal with the drones. They are heavily armoured in the front but are vulnerable from the rear (so many unintentional innuendos in this game so far…). Let your squad circle round to the right, drawing it’s fire while you calmly stand in the doorway waiting for the drones to turn away from you. When they do, unload a full clip into their exposed weak point and jump back into cover while it explodes. Repeat this for the second one and then mop up the remaining soldiers. Clear the room for a CHECKPOINT.

INTEL (5/33): In the left room, next to where the ASD robots appeared from on a desk inside

Climb the stairs and headshot the enemies with impunity as they can’t see you unless you are very close. Clear out the five or so enemies on the upper level and get ready with a grenade as you descend the stairs on the other side as five soldiers will rise on an elevator through the floor. Release the grenade to kill them all in one shot.

Objective: Infiltrate the lower labs

CHECKPOINT. Be sure to re-enable your camo after it turns off and another sentry drone awaits at the bottom of the lift. Shoot the canisters to disrupt the soldiers shots, allowing you to take cover against the right wall and resume taking them out one by one. Head for the left hall as you don’t really want to run straight at an auto turret do you? One thing to note is the turret on the ceiling. Make sure to eliminate that before moving up. You will see after clearing the area another access point. Inside is an automatic turret (squee!) to befriend.