Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

CELERIUM (Myanmar 2025)

Default loadout:

  • Primary: M27 with millimeter scanner
  • Secondary: Titus-6
  • Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade
  • Perks: Access Kit (definitely worth it here)

Mission objective: Obtain celerium

Objective: Rendezvous with Salazar and Crosby

Well, we typically don’t start a mission in this position… Cool, suction cup gloves. That looks like fun actually. The QTE’s may be a bit confusing (believe me, the first time I got to this point I splatted myself on the nearest cliff face. Unintentional but bloody hilarious). After the first death you should get the hang of it though. Once you reach the cliff top a one in a million lightning strike will blast a tree next to you pulling you both towards the cliff. You will be saved from being a pancake by your third squad member. Follow your squad to another crumbling ledge to deploy a wing suit and leap into the air.

Objective: Jump from the cliff to start your descent

CHECKPOINT. Use the RS to steer yourself (you don’t have to worry about altitude as that is automatic). This is a lot more fun than your typical knees bent, running about advancing behaviour so enjoy the ride.

Objective: Reach the LZ

After the joyride ends you will obtain your weapons and be tasked with infiltrating the base.

Objective: Investigate the base

Head for the squad objective marker for a CHECKPOINT and a look at your next destination. You will see the two guards directly ahead and then deliberately ‘not see’ the guard that drops down in front of you. COD just went all Halo on me… EMP grenades disable cloaking so keep that in mind for any difficult encounters with ‘shimmering’ enemies. Stay where you are for the duration of the fight as this location is a lot safer than moving up. Once Harper has moved to the stairs, drop down from cover and move forward slowly. Moving up the steps and taking cover at the top until your allies push forward past you. CHECKPOINT. Move up behind your allies to see a drone starting to take off. Race up on the left side, shooting the lone soldier guarding the drone and use your access kit to take control of the 40mm machine gun attached to the drone. Kill the thirty or so enemies approaching the landing site with it to progress (seriously this access kit is worth its weight in gold!).

INTEL (4/33): At the helipad near the drone you controlled is an alcove with a computer inside, the intel is sitting next to it