Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

Pyrrhic Victory part 2

Objective: Escape into the jungle

Objective: Get to the village and radio Savimbi for extraction

CHECKPOINT. Move up until Hudson tells you to take cover, do what he says if you like staying alive.

Objective: Do not get discovered

Follow Hudson’s instructions to avoid being spotted to eventually reach a place to hide Woods, which means you can scout ahead to find the radio.

Objective: Enter village and find radio

CHECKPOINT. If you picked the access kit you will be able to enter the small hut just ahead to collect some bear traps to slow your inevitable enemies. Grab them now as attempting to later may get you killed. The Dragnov here can be quite useful in the upcoming shenanigans (better than your pistol anyway). Refill your ammo here once you have selected your weaponry and continue up the path towards the objective. When you approach the radio hut you will see two soldiers sitting on a wall to the left, you can bypass these guys if you are crouched. Jump through the window to find it being used by someone else.

Objective: Approach and overpower the radio operator

CHECKPOINT. Watch the scene to suddenly have the entire camp after you. Wasn’t it a good thing you grabbed those traps early?

Objective: Fall back to the river

Follow Hudson until he takes cover and stops. You will see a strategically placed sniper tower to the right of his new cover. If you grabbed the Dragnov from before this is where it can really shine.

Objective: Defend Position

Climb the sniper tower and start laying into the onrushing hordes of soldiers. Remember you can retreat down the back of the tower if you start taking too much damage. Focus on the RPG wielding soldiers first as they post the biggest threat. Once Hudson throws his smoke, retreat from the soldiers and use this opportunity to place your traps in the chokepoint if you like.

INTEL (3/33): In the next area, the first sniper perch on the left has the intel

CHECKPOINT. Follow Hudson to his next cover position and use the sniper perch or take cover behind the trees to the side of the area to pick off the soldiers that rush forward. Once the next smoke pops, jump over the small waterfall and down behind some cover as a machine gun truck arrives at the top of the falls you just dropped down. Shoot the gunner to explode the whole truck (cause that makes sense right? What was he? Covered in fuel or something?).

A word of advice in the following skirmish: Don’t take cover with Woods. If you do a rain of grenades and RPG fire will rake into your position making it impossible to survive. A better idea is to retreat further back to the beach using the Dragnov to pick off the troops following you. Keep defending until Hudson stops right in the middle of the path. You have to race up and help him with Woods until you reach the shoreline. It looks like it’s all over. Both the mission and your lives. Or not.