Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

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Zombie Achievements

Tower of Babble – 75G

In Tranzit, obey the voices

This is the simplest guide that I could find to completing this achievement. All credit goes to the author EvilMoomin to finding out how to complete this vague achievement.

I want to make a guide that is less ambiguous than many others I’ve read, so here is my attempt. You need to be on Original difficulty level. This is all we did to get this achievement, we didn’t assemble any obelisks or super weapons. This guide does assume you have some knowledge of how to play Zombies.

  • Step 1: You need four players. In the bus station EVERYONE needs a windmill turbine. One player needs to have an EMP grenade. So keep using the box as soon as you start. Let one player kill all the zombies for the first 2 rounds and you should have enough money for three turns on the box at the Diner. If you don’t get EMPs then restart the game.
  • Step 2: Then at the end of the second round leave a couple of zombies alive and have one player look after them at the Diner so the rest of the players can go off to the power room (including the player with the EMP grenades), which is two bus stops after the Diner. Turn on the power by assembling the switch, then turn it off again after the voice tells you to (this step has created the electrical man that you need to kill with an EMP in step 4). Use a turbine to leave the power room and get back to the bus, but don’t forget to pick it up again. Two players then walk back the way the bus came to get back to the cornfield and the overhead power line pylon that is there. One player needs to get back on the bus and ride it to the town where the bank is.
  • Step 3: Once you have found your way to the pylon through the corn field, knifing the little goblins on the way when they jump on you (Don’t hate them, they just want a little love), you need to put 2 turbines down inside the base of the pylon, you will be safe from the goblins here too. When the electrical storm is overhead at the cornfield, kill the remaining zombies to start a new round. (Some guides say that doing this when the storm is overhead guarantees that the electrical man will appear in the cornfield, though in my experience this hasn’t been the case, but it doesn’t hurt to wait until the storm is overhead, just in case).
  • Step 4: You may need to fight a few waves of zombies until the electrical man appears, but when he does, wait for him to get into the centre of the pylon base, then EMP him to kill him. Loads of weird stuf will start happening then at the pylon. The player at the Diner should then put down his turbine under the street light outside the shed with the white doors at one end of the area, this will turn the light on. The player at the town should run back down the road the way they came on the bus (knifing goblins that jump on you) until they get to a street light and put the turbine down under it. Achievement Unlocked.

Don’t Fire Until You See – 30G

In Tranzit, have all doors opened without being set on fire

Another tricky achievement for zombies, this one requires you aren’t set on fire at all until the doors are open. There are 18 in total so this one will take a while. If you have a good team you could let them open the doors for you while you sit on the bus.

The Lights Of Their Eyes – 5G

In Green Run, Pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP

You will need to obtain the EMP grenade first from the mystery box for 950 points (it’s random so it may take several attempts).

Cluster 10 undead together in a level, some good locations are:

The underground power room in Tranzit The farm level in the house with the mystery box

Then throw with LB

Undead Man’s Party Bus – 15G

In Tranzit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game

There are three items you can locate and add to the bus to make it more effective at repelling and escaping from zombies.

Ladder – to access the bus roof Cattle catcher – kills zombies in front of the bus Manhole – to access the roof as well

The items are randomly distributed at four specific points in the tranzit map

1. Create a generator in the spawn room (tail fin – next to wall phones, mannequin – random location in room and Fan – on chair near table). Take these one by one to the construction bench and create the generator.

2. Use this fan to open the white doors nearby to find one of the bus parts.

3. Repeat step two on the white doors in the diner, farm and town area to find the remaining two bus parts.

Dance On My Grave – 5G

Two players required!

In Green Run, save up enough points to buy the tombstone perk and let a zombie down you. Let your buddy complete the round and then you will be revived. Pick up the tombstone from where you died and the achievement will unlock

Standard Equipment May Vary – 25G

In Tranzit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game

This list was posted by coreymawf on so all credit goes to the author.

  • ITEM 1 – Turbine – SPAWN ROOM Building table is in the spawn room. Part1 – TAIL-FIN – found on the ground below the telephone on the wall Part2 – MANNEQUIN – random spawn (in the spawn room usually near the map) Part3 – FAN – on the chair near the building table
  • ITEM 2 – Zombie shield – DINER BUS STOP Building table is in the car jack building. Part1 – TROLLEY – found in the diner Part2 – CAR DOOR – found in the same building as the building table
  • ITEM 3 – Turret – FARM BUS STOP Building table is on the bottom floor of the farm house. Part1 – MOWER – random spawn (somewhere on the farm) Part2 – RPK – random spawn (somewhere on the farm) Part3 – AMMO – random spawn (somewhere on the farm)
  • ITEM 4 – Electric trap – POWER ROOM BUS STOP Open the door near the AK74, build the power switch. The parts can be found in the power room; a switch, a switchboard & a zombie arm. The building table is near the power switch. Turn the power on and wait for the roller door to open. Alternatively, use your turbine (item1) to open the roller door.

ORDER IS IMPORTANT HERE Building table is in the gravestone perk room. Part1 – BATTERY – random spawn (usually on the catwalk gravestone room) Part2 – METAL BALL & ROD CONDUCTOR – (usually on a box, same room) Part3 – LIGHT – random (usually in a window, same room)

You Have No Power Over Me – 15G

In Tranzit, defeat “him” without being attacked by “him”

Posted by stejward on all credit goes to the original author.

First you must turn the power on, to do this travel to the 4th (i think) stop on the bus route, you will find a warehouse type building with a shack next to it. Open the door and drop down. You will be in a bright white corridor, go into the main room and follow the walkway round till you reach a small room. In front of you is a workbench, now you need three components for it because you need to build the power switch, they are:

  • A back panel
  • A 3 pronged switch
  • A zombie hand

The zombie hand is the most difficult to find because it looks exactly like the hands that get littered around when you kill zombies. All three are somewhere within the main white circular room, the entry corridor and the workbench room. To pick them up just walk up to them and there will be an on screen prompt for you (X for 360, square for PS3). You can only carry one part at a time, once you have a part, take it to the workbench and hold X or square to build the part. Once you have built all three, you can then switch on the power, the circular white room will become electrified and a tube will rise with the electrical zombie boss in it, who will then escape! Fun times…

Secondly, you need an EMP grenade from the random box (alternative to the monkey bombs). Now hopefully when the zombie boss attacks he doesn’t do it while your on the bus and its when at a stop. When he arrives, avoid him and throw an EMP grenade at him. That should kill him and providing nobody got attacked by him, the achievement should pop for all people in the game.

I Don’t Think They Exist – 10G

Simply enter one of the foggy areas between stops in a Tranzit game until a winged enemy latches onto your face. Melee swipe at it until it dies to earn this achievement.

Fuel Efficient – 10G

In Tranzit, use an alternative mode of transportation

Posted by ZasterModa123 on, all credit goes to the author.

  • Start the Game, build the Turbine, kill the Zombies, buy the first door, go outside and left.
  • You see a Lamp behind the Bus. Use the Turbine at this Lamp, go into the Fog and wait for the “Goblin”
  • Once the Goblin is on you, walk to the Lamp, hit melee 2-3 Times when you walk to the Lamp.
  • The Goblin builds a Portal, use it and the Achievement is yours.

Happy Hour – 10G

Posted by R3LAPZE on, all credit goes to the author.

In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power. First off build the Turbine and knife all the zombies in the room. Buy the quick revive and an M14. Use the Turbine to get outside and then ride the bus to the next stop. Open the door to the diner and then gain 3000 points to buy the speed cola! Use the Turbine on the Speed Cola to turn it on.