Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

Strike Mission Achievements

Achievement Action
Singapore Sling – 15G Successfully neutralize the SDC firefighter at Keppel Terminal
Complete Shipwreck (read the guide for specific tips on these missions)
Desert Storm – 15G Successfully escort the VIPs to safety
Defender – 15G Successfully defend FOB Specre from incursion
Complete FOB Spectre
Art of War – 25G Successfully assassinate SDC Chairman Tian Zhao
Complete Dispatch
Blind Date – 15G Successfully rescue HVI
Complete Second Chance (only appears if your target was lost in “Karma” mission)
Family Reunion – 10G There are two futures *
Hey Good Looking – 10G Plastic surgery avoided **
Showdown – 15G A duel between rivals ***
Dirty Business – 15G Listen and think before you shoot ♥
Ship Shape – 10G Reinforcements on the way ♥♥
Dead or Alive – 15G Jailor or executionerCapture or kill Menendez in “Judgement Day.”
You do have to make the decision to get this achievement though because if you wait too long it will automatically make it for you and you miss the achievement.
Ultimate sacrifice – 15G Only one can survive
During the mission “Achilles’ Veil” when you are presented the choice between shooting Harper or Menedez you must shoot Menedez for the achievement.
Good Karma – 20G Crack the celerium worm ♥♥♥
High IQ – 20G Collect all Intel (follow the walkthrough to find them all)
Back in Time – 10G Use a future weapon in the past (Finish your first future mission then replay a past mission with it in your loadout)
Man of the People – 15G In mission four (Time and Fate) whenyoua re playing as Menedez at the start you must kill all of the soldiers actively attacking civilians (7 sivilians being attacked in total).  For a video guide on the locations watch this video.
 Gun Nut – 10G Complete a level with customized loadout (change the default loadout and complete a level with it)
 Ten K – 15G Minimum score 10K in every mission ♦

* During the mission “Suffer with me” you will be told to headshot a captured target in the final section. Shoot him in the chest when standing and then again when the target is on the ground.

** At the finale of the mission “Fallen Angel” when driving the car you will reach a tunnel with sheets of flame across your path. You need to slow the car down and avoid the flames to obtain this achievement.

*** A duel between rivals

  • Step 1: In the Mission “Karma” let DeFalco Escape with Karma
  • Step 2: After this, dont play the Strike Force Mission “Second Chance”
  • Step 3: In the Mission “Achilles Veil” as Farid you must kill Harper, not try to shoot Menendez
  • Step 4: In the Mission “Odysseus” in the “Briggs” Shooutout. Farid kills DeFalco, DeFalco kills Farid and you earn this Achievement automatically.

♥ Listen and think before you shoot

  1. Resist the compulsion to kill Kravchenko in “Old Wounds”
  2. During the level “Suffer with me” you will interrogate Noriega after which the achievement will pop

♥♥ Reinforcements on the way

  • Note: Follow the Good Karma guide to get both achievements in one play through
  • Step 1: All strike missions beside “Second Chance” must be completed
  • Step 2: During the mission “Oysseus” when playing as Menendez you must choose to shoot Briggs in the leg

♥♥♥ Crack the celerium worm

  1. During “Old Wounds” you must resist shooting Krawchenko
  2. Complete all Strike missions as they become available on the first attempt
  3. Grab the intel (folder) from the cocaine bunker in the mission “Time and fate”
  4. Successfully record enough dialogue in “Fallen Angel”
  5. Complete “Karma” and allow DeFalco to flee
  6. During “Achilles’ Veil” as Farid you must kill Harper
  7. Complete “Odysseus” and shoot Briggs in the leg
  8. Achievement should unlock in the shootout that follows

♦ Minimum score 10K in every mission

Doing nearly anything in missions gives you points, as well as difficulty and completing challenges. If you are playing veteran you should get minimum 30000 a level without trying so this shouldn’t be too hard. If you are having difficulty try completing challenges as they give you 2000 each time you complete one.