Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

Campaign Achievements

Achievement Action
No Man Left Behind – 20G Rescue Woods
Gethering Storm – 20G Investigate the Juingle facility
Shifting Sands – 20G Gatyher intel on Raul Menedez from Mullah Rahmaan
Driven by Rage – 20G Take down Menedez and his operation
Waterlogged – 20G Gather information on Raul Menedez’ suspected terrorist plot
What Happens in Colossus… – 20G Find the Karma weapon
False Profit – 20G Capture Manual Norriega and bring him to justice
Deep Cover – 20G Capture Menedez
Sinking Star – 20G Interrogate Menedez
Late for the Prom – 20G Escort the president to the secure location in downtown LA
Death from Above – 50G Stop Menedez once and for all
Old Fashioned – 50G Complete Pyrric Victory, Old Wounds, Time and Fate, and Suffer With Me on Veteran 
Futurist – 50G Complete all Future levels in Veteran (all the levels that aren’t in the previous achievement fall under this one)
Black Ops II Master – 15G Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty 
Just Gettin’ Started – 10G Complete 1 challenge in any level (see Giant Accomplishment)
Mission Complete – 10G Complete all challenges in any level (see Giant Accomplishment)
Giant Accomplishment – 50G Complete all challenges in Black Ops II*

blue = difficulty related achievement
 red = Challenge related achievement

* Well this is a doozy and will take you a fair whack of time. Each level has ten challenges that must be completed including the strike missions. The best write-up of this I have seen is posted on by ErnaP. So all credit goes to him/her for this comprehensive guide: showguides=1

I won’t add it physically to the guide as it would make it instantly far too long.