Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

Pyrrhic Victory (Angola 1986)

Default loadout:

  • Pimary: FAL with ACOG sight
  • Secondary M1911
  • Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Flashbang
  • Perks: Access Kit

Mission objective: Rescue Woods

These games sure like their graphic opening scenes don’t they? That’s probably why we love them. Well first things first, enjoy the barbeque and meet your partner for this level. He hands you a machete for melee attacks (bet you wanted that grenade launcher instead right?) instead of the usual combat knife. The only difference is the animation though so it’s just a nice touch.

Objective: Prepare for incoming MPLA attack

Objective: Push forward with the convoy

Take your precarious perch on the truck and take a short ride into battle. When the mortars finish firing you finally get to enter the fray. CHECKPOINT. Four machete wielding MPLA soldiers will immediately sprint at you as soon as you step off the truck. If you haven’t had much practice with the ACOG scope it may be better to just swap to the pistol to quickly eliminate these guys before they reach you and then swap back to the FAL.

The damage inflicted by the enemies in this first section is a joke for regular veteran difficulty players. You have ages to retreat or take cover as they cannot two shot kill you like they normally can. However damage can still accumulate and take you out so it is best to pick one of the following strategies to keep your health at safe levels. You can firstly do what the game is telling you to do and stay behind the cover of the truck, popping out to kill off the MPLA soldiers. The other option is to stand about twenty meters back from it taking out the soldiers with your ACOG scope from range as the further away they are the less damage they inflict. Both methods work quite well and it simply depends on how quickly you want to get through the section. Several checkpoints will appear at various intervals as well.

There is an access point at the tipped over truck to the right of the path the Buffel takes which contains some mortars.

INTEL (1/33): In the crater next to the tipped over truck

Objective: Eliminate the mortar crews

Advance on the first crew by using the line of rocks leading to them for cover. Stop at each rock and clear the surrounding area before moving on as MPLA soldiers like moving past you towards the front line and then turning around and shooting you in the back. Empty your primary weapon into the mortar crew and then turn around and retreat back the way you came, keeping an eye out for any newly appeared MPLA soldiers. Race back to your vehicles and look at the last target icon to see a your final crew member. Pick him off from range to finish the objective.

Objective: Destroy the first wave of tanks

CHECKPOINT. Now you have some air support (ever see a COD game without it?) and you can call in your helicopter to bring the pain. I found the rockets to be far more effective than the machine gun here and you have an infinite supply, so just line up your targets and blast away. There will be four in the first run to destroy so this should be pretty easy as the rockets fire so quickly you can take them out in about five seconds.

Objective: Eliminate the mounted gunners

CHECKPOINT. Now this is probably the first place that may kill you. You are expected to take out the gunners of a pair of trucks. The left target is out in the open and can be easily taken care of (watch out that your cover doesn’t roll away or you will be shelled to death). The second on the other hand is behind a large rock, clear the nearby enemy soldiers and peek around the side to shoot the gunner. Once he is dead use this location as a base until you regain your air support. Activate it as soon as it appears.

Objective: Destroy the second wave of tanks

CHECKPOINT. This wave contains four and then another five tanks. The first set are the same difficulty to destroy as the previous ones. The following five on the other hand are more difficult due to the chopper’s angle of approach. Try to hit them from the left first and as early as possible as you won’t get much time to take care of them.

Objective: Mount the Buffel to lead the final push

CHECKPOINT. Back on your ridiculous (read: suicidal) position on the side of the truck. Note that your character magically becomes invincible and that you don’t actually need to fire a single shot here. It’s hilarious. Savimbi: “We must lead the final charge.” Me: Dude, if you make me immune to bullets in a COD veteran campaign, I’ll follow you anywhere!” Two CHECKPOINTS will occur during your ‘god mode.’ Deal with the enemies if you wish until your exit arrives.

Objective: Secure the barge and rescue Woods

This descent can be surprisingly deadly as I’ve been killed before I can even leave the chopper. It depends on how cheap the AI is feeling here. Definitely hold forward when you reach the barge to exit the chopper ASAP. After your tumble onto the deck meet the welcoming locals and take cover behind the shipping container to your left.

CHECKPOINT. Use the left side of this container to clear the bridge of the ship as this is you best location to take out single enemies at a time. Hudson will offer some support here to make it a little easier. Explosives will rain down upon the deck shortly as the gunboats behind you move up. Race for the access icon (if you used another perk, well you’ll have to take your chances).

INTEL (2/33): On the left side of the bridge behind a wall (upper area)

Inside are flak jackets which negate most of the blast damage from the explosives making your life a hell of a lot easier. This also means you can just stand on the mounted machine gun and ignore most damage as you mow down the pursuing boats (wow, I never expected ‘shortcuts’ in a COD game after Heart of the Reich’ in the first Black Ops) cackling like a madman. Focus on the boats that are further to the right first as these can flank to the far side of your vessel and board it. Several CHECKPOINTS will go off as the enemy boats are destroyed. Once you hear the cry of “they’re boarding us!” Hop off the machine gun and immediately head to intercept the newly arrived soldiers. Be very careful of the soldiers that appear on the bridge as they have a good position and can hit you on most of the deck (the shipping container is once again your friend).

Now that bit of unpleasantness is out of the way refill your ammo from the crates on the deck and help Hudson open the shipping container that probably saved your bacon to find it saved someone else’s bacon as well.

Objective: Use the Valkyrie Launcher to destroy the hind.

Oh, it’s suddenly turned into an escort mission. Damn. Well at least Hudson has to deal with it as it’s your job to take out the helicopter. Grab the Valkyrie from the deck and aim it at the chopper. You control the rocket it spits out so guide it into the hind. Repeat this to reach the shore and watch the chopper spin crazily out of control into a building. Swim away from the sinking wreck with Woods in your arms (not much of a spoiler as it is in the mission objectives). When you reach the beach Hudson will give you some encouraging news and now you both get to carry Woods around.