Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

SHIPWRECK (Singapore 2025)

Default loadout

Strike force teams: 3

  • Seals 
  • ASD 
  • Claw

Again this method for Veteran was posted by Silent Fanatic so all credit goes to the author:

This mission is equal parts luck and strategy on Veteran. Your first impulse might be to try to secure each of the sites before moving on to the next. This is a mistake. The timer and small amount of friendly assets mean you have to move quickly on ALL three sites.

The trick here is to move from site A to B to C, dropping your devices as you go. Don’t bother stopping to make sure they’re successful or assigning any troops to defend the area. Just drop the device and move on to the next point. Your main hope here is that site B is successful above all else. If you’re really lucky, you’ll end up with site A as your final spot, but there are no guarantees with this level.

Positioning can go a long way here, though. For site A, I like to put the device right at the edge of the crate as you’re entering the area. At site B, I put it at the rear of the truck. With site C, I place it on the right-hand side of the target, towards the water. There are no “perfect” areas here, but it does help to shield the devices from as many directions as possible. Once all three sites have been secured, you’ll get a prompt to launch a missile at the ship. Just press X when directed and direct the shot at the highlighted area.

Again, this level relies heavily upon luck. I’d say if you’re down to three minutes and don’t have two sites already secured, you might as well restart. Just dashboard out and come back in so you won’t lose any strike teams.

It will definitely take a lot of patience, but it IS doable!