Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

FOB SPECTRE (India 2025)

Strike force teams: 3

Units available:

  • Seals 
  • Sentry 
  • Claw

Mission objective: Defend the facility from SOC attacks

NOTE: None of these strike missions need to be completed for the veteran mode achievements. It is far easier to do them on an easier difficulty on a repeat play through when you attempt to get the story achievements.

Welcome to a new type of mission. COD just went from a first person shooter to a RTS hybrid. Who woulda thought? A tutorial will run you through the basics but probably won’t stick in your mind. As these missions generally require both tactical decisions and direct control of your forces, some veteran first person shooter players may have problems adjusting to this new style of play (As Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw says: “It’s a stealth RTS but not one where you have to backstab a guy with a convoy of tanks.”

This method for Veteran was posted by Silent Fanatic so all credit goes to the author:

The first thing you want to do is set one of the groups of soldiers to guard the satellite. The other group should be put next to / inside the little building that’s across from the satellite. The one with an alley that leads to the fence where more enemy soldiers spawn from.

With your soldiers in place, you should now take control of your claw. Position it over by the power station, pulled back so you can see both the stairs leading down from the area where a helicopter drops more enemy soldiers, as well as the door of the building where your second group of soldiers are placed. The one right next to your first turret. Your job will be to just shoot the enemy soldiers, drones and whatnot as they show up. Your own guys will be wiped out periodically, but there’s not much you can do about that. Just keep sweeping your aim from one area to another, shooting things down as you see them.

One thing to keep in mind is that enemy soldiers will often make it up the stairs to the satellite dish and begin to wear it down. It can be kind of hard to see them at times, so just do your best with spraying some fire across that zone from time to time. Don’t worry about hitting your own guys, there’s no friendly fire on these missions.

A good way to gauge if you’re going to be successful is by how long the satellite manages to last. If you reach right around three minutes or less by the time the bad guys start to swarm the inner building, you should be in good shape. What you do from here is pretty much up to you, but I find it handy to take over the inner turret until it gets destroyed, then just making sure to take out the EMP device if the enemy gets a chance to plant it.

Oh, and the mission isn’t over once the timer runs out. You still have to kill any remaining enemies left on the map. It shouldn’t be too hard from that point, just take it slow and you should be in the clear.