Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

JUDGEMENT DAY (Haiti 2025)

Default loadout

  • Primary: SCAR-H with target finder and grenade launcher
  • Secondary: XPR-50 with dual band scope
  • Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade 
  • Perks: Access kit

Mission objective: Find Raul Menendez

Objective: Shut down the transmission

Awesome, jetpacks! The missiles can be a pain if you attempt to drop in a straight line as they spawn directly in your path. Keep moving from side to side to avoid them easily until you reach the ground (that guy cartwheeling as he botched his landing was priceless).

Objective: Gain entry to the military facility

Take cover at the first corner and use the scope of the default sniper to spy through the smoke and chaos to find several enemies up high (multiple snipers and RPG soldiers). So concentrate on taking them down first before thinking about the CLAW.

INTEL (31/33): After climbing some stairs there is a brown building with the number 27 on it. Up the stairs inside is the intel

Use your XM31 grenades to destroy the CLAW and then reload at the ammo refill it was guarding. Stalk up the left hand side and take cover before the three soldiers behind the barrier ahead pop up and kill you. Spatter them and then turn your attention to the building ahead, it has a sentry gun in the window and a large number of enemies inside. After emptying the windows of enemies and machinery move up with a close range weapon as enemies will still run out from the building. There is an access point behind the structure with a targeting device inside. Enemies past this point start wearing the camo suits again so be alert.

Retreat once they start spawning at you, keeping an eye high for several snipers on the roof in front of you. Use your safe position to take out the snipers and then help your allies deal with the cloaked enemies. Move up until you can see a massive staircase around the corner. This is another one of those, slow plodding, sit in cover shootouts so get it over with. Look to the left and right of the steps (not on the steps themselves) to find the most enemies. A pair of enemy CLAWs and several enemies will be waiting for you at the top in the direction of the objective marker. Use your grenades to take out these CLAWs as well. There is an ammo crate and RPG launchers on the wall if you are having trouble though. Or you could use your orbital launch thing from the previous access point. Many options all resulting in BOOM.

CHECKPOINT. Once you reach the doorway, a squad of friendlies will appear upstairs on the right and push through to the left slowly. This leaves you with clearing the ground floor and then assisting the squad. Once the room is cleared, head downstairs and the doors will open for you. Never a good sign. Two or more enemies will be sequestered inside. Use your weapons to unsequester them or just let your squad do it if you’re lazy. CHECKPOINT.

More enemies will rush in after the initial spawns have been put down so just hop into cover and give the AI a hand speeding things up. Unless you stand right out in the open the only threat is grenades here. As you head for the balcony overlooking the lower area ASDs will roll out as well as another wave of soldiers. Head to the far right to find an access terminal that will allow you to gain control of an ASD to help out. Yet another wave will follow after the first with two ASDs in it. After rounding another corner you finally enter the control center.

INTEL (32/33): Up the middle staircase in one of the left aisles on a desk

CHECKPOINT. Quads and yet more soldiers will enter from the rear control center doors, so take cover and let the shooting gallery begin. If you still have your sniper rifle taking out the quads will be a piece of cake.

Objective: Shut down the drone control

After making your way to the top of the control center you can finally shut off those aggravating drones. They’re off now anyway… Not how you intended but meh *shrugs shoulders*.

Objective: Find Menendez

The newly opened doorway contains another rush of enemies so be ready to counter their assault. At some points the helpful scenery may save your ass so thank it and move on. Camo suits are back in so use your scope to find them before they rush you. This whole section is all about taking it slow and sniping absolutely everything. Without question. This is one of the only frustrating parts of the game, if you try to race through you will fail.

INTEL (33/33): Wow is this one well hidden. In the large circular room, just before you reach your final objective (it has a catwalk above and sparks flying everywhere). You can actually walk through the generator on the lower floor to find the stairs down. Head down here and you will find it sitting there sulking on a crate

Once you reach your objective you will have a slo-mo shooting sequence and Menendez will finally be within your grasp.

Make the call and with that the war is over except for a few scenes before and during the credits. If you powered through it that’s another veteran campaign down and congratulations. Was pretty easy overall though thanks to the ammo refills and future tech. Hope they ramp up the challenge next time.

Oh and the scene after the credits kicks ass.