Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

CORDIS DIE (U.S.A 2025) CD10 I

Default loadout

  • Primary: Type 25 with reflex sight
  • Secondary: Storm PSR
  • Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade 
  • Perks: Access kit

Mission objective: Protect P.O.T.U.S

Objective: Get POTUS to the ‘Prom Night’ bunker

Well. That didn’t go well. Nuff said. This is one hell of a high status escort mission isn’t it?

Objective: Use the SAM turret to shoot down the drones

Immediately sprint for your objective as otherwise you won’t last long. The SAM controls are pretty easy so just lock onto the drones and keep firing until you succeed.

Objective: Regroup with protection detail

Well at least we have one jet to support us right? Huh, we now get a highlighted choice as to what to do. You can either rappel down with the group or provide sniper overwatch. Hmmm… which one has less chance of being turned into a bullet magnet. I choose sniping as you are far less of a target. I may be wrong but let’s see how we go.

Objective: Protect POTUS

Objective: Save all 3 MRAPS

The sniper they give you is pretty neat as it has a really nice scope to play with. Seek out highlighted targets and make sure the President is safe at all times. You only need to kill a set number before you automatically succeed so just keep on top of things. Oh, and the gun can shoot through walls like in Eraser. Just sayin’. Rappel down for a CHECKPOINT and take cover as there are still more enemies incoming.

INTEL (28/33): Past the bus to the left of the road behind a burning car

There is an ammo refill crate slightly ahead that offers good cover and a nice sniping position. Once you move up it’s time to stop and take a breather. Nah, just stand still and start sniping enemies through the truck in front. It’s cheap I know but then again all of veteran mode is cheap so it deserves some payback. Once your satisfied there are no yellow outlines still standing move up to the President’s location.

Objective: Head for the ‘Prom Night’ bunker

CHECKPOINT. Ah driving again. Well that wasn’t a long driving section was it? I was going to complain, make some references to how Forza this ain’t but that was like 50 seconds so I think I’ll just let it go. Get trucked. No literally.

Objective: Destroy the C.L.A.W.s

After your hundredth concussion this campaign you will wake up in a magically unsmashed vehicle. Climb out and prepare to be ganked by CLAWs.

INTEL (29/33): In the Hotel along the left wall after you wake up on the reception desk

Quickly grab the RPG directly in front of you and flank to the right behind cover then line it up and fire. Four times. Repeat another two times to win yes? Well, you can make your job slightly easier by opening the access point to the right of the destroyed CLAW to find drones to control. They may not work on CLAWs but they will work on the soldiers scattered everywhere. The path through the area is pretty obvious. Just don’t miss too much with the RPG and you should be ok. There is an ammo crate inside the truck to use if you run dry anyway so ammo shouldn’t be a problem.

Objective: Regroup with POTUS

CHECKPOINT. Well-deserved I might add. Another slow move up section will follow (same thing just no CLAWs to worry about). Head into the buildings where possible and use your fancy sniper rifle to scan for threats, killing them before they even see you (that would be so broken online).

INTEL (30/33): Inside the buildings to the left, up the escalator on a rack to the right

After reaching the first objective marker here you will get a new objective.

Objective: Save G20 leader

Time to rescue the French leader. Well I tried (failed miserably). I am unsure if you can actually save him or not but if (like me) you couldn’t succeed in protecting him you are knocked out again and wake up staring at a burning car.

Objective: Get to the FA-38

Check on Anderson before hopping in the jet.

Objective: Follow Anderson’s ambulance

Objective: Protect the President’s vehicle

Looks like you’re providing the air support now so follow the ambulance until you catch up to the Presidential convoy. Now you have to focus on taking out helicopters and vehicles before the President’s vehicle approaches them. Missile locks make this incredibly easy just look for any red points on the screen and wait for a lock then blow them away. The annoying part is when you have to shoot down waves of drones while the afterburners are on. I hit many a building doing this but I managed to keep it together long enough to make it. Don’t bother with the machine gun against the drones as it takes far too long to destroy them, just do your best to get those locks ASAP and you should be good. Oh and the level ends.