Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

ODYSSEUS (USS Barack Obama 2025)

Default loadout

  • Primary: M8A1 with hybrid optic
  • Secondary: M1216 with millimeter scanner
  • Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/shock charge 
  • Perks: Access kit (definitely worth it here)

Mission objective: Interrogate Raul Menendez

Hmm, normally these scenes are the other way round in Black Ops games. Step into the room and listen to Menendez’s cryptic words until everything goes pear shaped. Oh seriously, how the hell did he end up in that position? Did he lie down and give Menendez his gun? Anyway wake up after your snooze to be woken up by Salazar. An access point will be right in front of you containing the stun knuckle weapon (they have a name but I’m feeling lazy).

Objective: Get your weapons

Pick up your guns off the body on the floor (did this guy steal your weapons? Was he holding them for you? Did they leave them on his corpse? I really would like to know. This one single guy is more fascinating than the whole aircraft under attack scenario. Once you’ve selected which guns look the prettiest head back to the hatch and open it for a CHECKPOINT and new objective.

Objective: Regain control of the ship

Immediately take cover to the right and start clearing the hallway. Don’t move up too far until your squad do as the enemies here are true veteran enemies and can take you down very fast. Your AI also likes to ignore them sometimes until they have passed them so again don’t race up too fast. A CHECKPOINT will trigger at the bottom of the stairs. Salazar will split off and you will be left with the AI red shirt wearing brigade (yeah that’s probably too old a reference unless you watched reruns of it). Essentially these guys are predestined to be screwed over ok? Head back into the sunlight and stop at the next corner. A well placed grenade can clear this hallway pretty much so if you want to be efficient do that. You will most likely have to travel through the small rooms on the right to make it up the hall as enemy fire seems to travel up it even though there are no enemies left.

Watch the redshirts die and listen to Briggs before doing anything else (besides shooting the one suicidal idiot that rushes you). If you have the access kit than your job just got a whole lot easier. Sprint for the access point and activate it to gain control of the turret and go nuts on the sitting ducks inside. There are a lot of them but you should be able to kill them all before anything untoward happens. If you don’t have the access kit umm… have fun? There are at least fifteen enemies scattered through this room so you will take a while. Take it slow and you should get through but kill the turret first. Once in the room you can exit through the right or left doors but there will be enemies in both so duck back into cover after your initial peek.

INTEL (25/33): To the right of the computer terminal

Pick them off and access the computer terminal.

Objective: Assist the SEALs using a sniper rifle

CHECKPOINT. Head down the staircase to see a squad firing out at the wave of approaching enemies below. Grab the sniper rifle if you haven’t got one already and take out the encroaching soldiers (I accidently shot one of the defenders, whoops). After killing twenty or so enemies the SEALs will finish moving up and the objective will be complete. CHECKPOINT. Just a note that you should definitely hold onto the sniper rifle as it will come in handy at several other points in the level. Head past the prisoners and when you reach the stairs either use them as a snipe point or run down them and take cover. Six or so enemies will be at (and reinforce from) the other end of the room. End their troubles in this life to be greeted by another set of stairs. A single soldier should be waiting for you to descend so put him out of your misery. The hallway is another perfect grenade lobbing range so feel free to work out your throwin’ arm. The only real threat here is the turret. If you brought a sniper you should be golden otherwise this may take a while.

Be careful of your angles after taking out the turret as reinforcements will arrive from both the end of the hall and from the door on the right side. Leave no pane of glass unshattered as you gun them down. The redshirts will wait for you to move up so the barrage of enemies will have to be faced by you. I don’t know if it’s infinite but it sure seems like it with enemy after enemy rushing out of spawn closets. Once you make it to the door into the room with the access point you should finally receive a CHECKPOINT. Another turret controlled massacre ensues here so clear the room or cry as you have to deal with the enemies the hard way. This area has a ton of enemies and many cheap death zones so be very cautious, use your lemming allies to tell you what’s ahead and keep to an assault rifle or SMG here as it is all close combat.

Objective: Check the CCTV feed

Once you reach the stairs at the rear of the area you should see a refill crate right ahead. Use it and stomp over to the objective. After seeing the Admiral’s plight there is nothing you can do. Oh or you get to be Menendez doing it. That’s fine too I guess.

Objective: Subdue Admiral Briggs

Grab the Admiral and watch the big dramatic reveal and make yet another story affecting choice. Shoot him in the leg or in the head. Wow that was screwed up. Didn’t ‘see’ that coming. System ready: Enter command> Mess shit up… Did Menendez just gain control of the entire American automated war machines? Damn, that’s a step up in badassness right there.

Objective: Reach the server room

INTEL (26/33): On the right side of the area, near the red doorway to your objective should be a small set of stairs leading up. Up these should be the intel

Regain control as Mason and enter the ventilation shaft to reach the server room. Help the Admiral if he isn’t dead and then head for your new objective.

Objective: Get to hangar bay

CHECKPOINT. Walk through the destroyed innards of the carrier until you reach the hangar.

Objective: Find Menendez

Grab some ammo before you exit the hangar and get ready for a dick move by the level designer. As you walk outside the elevator you are standing on will rise and enemies will spawn behind you on the platform above. If you aren’t in cover quickly you are screwed. Hide behind the jet engine and take pot-shots at the soldiers until Mason requests a VTOL for extraction.

Objective: Get to the VTOL for EVAC

CHECKPOINT. Glad you still have that sniper rifle here aren’t you? With such open views you can go on a rampage here, gunning down dozens of enemies in a few seconds. Just be careful of the occasional bum rushing enemy who will waltz up to you while you are scoped and just lay into you. Look to the left after clearing the elevator to see an access point that will make life so much easier. Inside is the controls for a CLAW, yes those awesome indestructible automated robots. You now control it. Have fun. This is a long and tedious section but there is a checkpoint halfway in the scrapped jet.

INTEL (27/33): In a parked jet to the right of the wrecked building in the center of the runway

Take your time and let the claw do the heavy lifting and with patience you should get through.