Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

ACHILLES' VEIL (Yemen 2025)

Default loadout

  • Primary: Skorpion EVO with laser sight
  • Secondary: B23R (swap with a sniper rifle)
  • Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/EMP grenade 
  • Perks: Access kit

Mission objective: Capture Raul Menendez

Objective: Join Menendez on stage

Take the time to have a relaxing stroll, through the heavily armed platoon of guards to the balcony outside where Menendez’s adoring public awaits.

Objective: Rendezvous with Menendez at the Citadel

As is often the case in CoD games, things go bad real quick and you are forced to beat a hasty retreat. Your sniper rifle will immediately come in handy here as it will allow you to take down the little flying scuttly buggers in one shot. Clear the courtyard using this technique (they do stop spawning) and head for your objective.

INTEL (22/33): On the right side of the courtyard is a set of stairs which has a small room filled with carpets at the top. On the floor here should be the intel

Take the left path out of the courtyard as this provides more cover and remember to look up for the flying gunners or else they can ruin your day pretty fast. Stay left to find an access point with a sword inside. Yeah a sword, I did a double take too. Did this game become skyrim without me looking? Oh well. Resume your advance up the left side, taking the time to experiment with your new melee weapon. At the next small building you should receive a CHECKPOINT. After leaving this cover you need to head diagonally to the right instead as this is your next best cover location.

An American will be waiting at the exit door so be ready to fire once he is down watch the drone fall from the sky. More soldiers will continue running in from the right of where the drone crashed so you need to thin their numbers before making a dash to the opposite side of the street. Once you think it is safe enough sprint across to the next building. You will meet several allies holding off four or so flying gunners so pull out the sniper and dismantle them (I’m sure the default pistol would have helped a ton with these things, right?). Through another archway to more defenders holding their own against superior technology. At the end of this walkway are crates containing RPG launchers and an ammo refill to the left of them. Walk past the ammo to find yourself flanking an ASD advance, use this to your advantage by putting two sniper shots in the rear of it to turn it to scrap. You should be fine clearing this courtyard as all the ammo was just refilled. Carefully move up the left side afterwards as large numbers of enemies will run in from the far end of the plaza.

This battle can be tedious as enemies are firing from every direction, so the best way to approach it is to bunker down, sniping enemies while your AI allies push forward. Be cautious when the street ‘looks clear’ because your buddies may ignore the ASD or the two final spawning soldiers completely. Head for the objective to find an ammo refill and CHECKPOINT. More ASDs, flying gunners and soldiers are waiting for you around the corner so use the refill location as cover while you shoot out the door or windows. Fortunately this enemy encounter is far shorter as there are less troops here so mop up and move into the next building. Open the door to rejoin Menendez.

Another story choice will present itself here and depending on a series of choices in the game can lead to various achievements. Read the achievement section for more details.

Shoot Harper – Farid lives Shoot Menendez – Farid dies

Objective: Pursue and capture Menendez

CHECKPOINT. Follow your squad down the alley and you will gain control of the drones you spent the first half of this level shooting. Ironic isn’t it? Maybe it’s just Karma… Yeah, horrible I know but I couldn’t help it. The drones can be a little hard to control at times as you seem to paint an area and they shoot it until you command them to do something else, even if the enemy you were aiming at moves slightly to the side they don’t compensate. So they are a helpful asset here rather than an I win button. After clearing the first small room race around to the door and get inside as there is a RPG wielding enemy overlooking the street and he is a very good shot.

INTEL (23/33): Behind some boxes in the first room is the intel

Climb the stairs and use the window or balcony to start picking off the enemies above street level that you couldn’t see before. In the last room before you reach the objective marker is a sentry turret. Use the window to take it out before you enter.

CHECKPOINT. Poke your head out into the sunlight to spot the two enemies on the roof and one on the stairs leading to your next cover location. Once these three have been removed from the realm of the living, swap to a mid-close range gun and head up the stairs. Depending on how efficient your allies and drones have been there may be up to about three enemies in here to deal with. Clear the building and head up the second set of steps for your sniper’s perch. Use this to crush the waves of opposition they send your way (imagine trying to kill all these enemies without the sniper!). After your drones have ceased fire, move forward and continue the attack for a CHECKPOINT.

The sheer number of people on the screen was hilarious at times, I had to shoot through my own allies several times to hit enemy soldiers because they ran in the way. Or when a heap of enemies spawn in a conga line resulting in taking out three or four enemies with one bullet. Classic. This section is a target heavy environment allowing you to take out dozens of enemies quickly as they are often distracted by your drones. Make sure to clear both paths before you advance or you could get a bullet to the back. Once you reach the first large building you can use it as cover while you take out the multiple RPG wielding soldiers on the opposite side of the canyon (before they can one shot you anyway).

INTEL (24/33): On the roof of this building, climb the ladder outside to reach it

Enemy drones will also spawn as you move up from the building so be on the lookout for those with red lights. Clear the way until you reach your next sniping point. Another crumbling building.

Once all the RPG soldiers you can see are dead you can sprint across the bridge to the other side of the canyon. CHECKPOINT. Gee, you glad you packed all that ammo yet? Definitely one thing I noticed in this veteran campaign is you nearly never run out of ammo unlike some other versions. Take your time, snipe whenever you can and when you reach the objective you will reach Menendez once again. Can’t tell he wants to be caught can you? Once he is secure the level ends.