Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

SUFFER WITH ME (Panama 1989) SWM7 I

Default loadout

  • Primary: MP5 with rapid fire (swap for s/rifle)
  • Secondary: Colt M16A1 with multiple attachments
  • Grenades/equipment: Grenade/Flashbang
  • Perks: Access kit

Mission Objective:

Objective: Meet up with Mason and McKnight

Step out of your nifty wheels and head for the house which looks oh so photogenic. Meet Woods in the driveway, followed by McKnight at the door. Take a stroll round the back at McKnight’s request to meet up with him.

Objective: Retrieve bag from shed

After grabbing the bag head back out the front to spot some punk tagging McKnight’s ride. Watch him waste a perfectly good beer to fade into the mission.

Objective: Capture false prophet

Enjoy the short and scenic boat ride to the shore and regain control to start the mission proper. Head for the sewer entrance (Seriously, two sewer sections? What’s next the poisonous spiders). Oh, were going over them… My bad. Climb the ladder and distract the guard so woods can terminate his hopes in life and pull the RT as another guard walks out the door to the right at the same time. After planting your knife solidly in his face things will get very complicated real fast. Race inside the guard post so you don’t get hit by the hail of lead headed your way. Use this safe position to ‘retire’ the enemies spraying your cover. These guys are pretty grenade happy just so you know. As you move up after the initial wave a ute with five or so soldiers will roll in. A well placed grenade can instantly solve the problem or you can take the old fashioned approach of personal service.

Objective: Assist SEALs

Head down the ramp to spot an access point with eight nightingales inside. Head up the stairs for a CHECKPOINT. A bunch of distracted enemies are firing away on the roof so they should be easy pickings, be careful of staying in the staircase however as your allies can push you out of cover (Gee, thanks guys!). Keep following Mason and drop down onto the catwalk inside the building. Immediately move to the right and drop down again into better cover, unfortunately one enemy is in the hall already so make sure to get him as soon as you land. Another access point at the end of the hall has a useful flak jacket inside so be sure to grab it. Head back to Mason and enter the office to confront three or four enemies here. Use the corner or the boxes here to avoid their fire while dealing with them and then keep moving. Grab the RPG launcher on the floor here as you’ll need it in about twenty seconds.\

Intel (19/33): On a shelf just before you descend the stairs

Tromp down another set of stairs for a CHECKPOINT and to re-join Mason. You will be tasked with firing an RPG at the leaving plane. Once it is a smouldering wreck set about sniping the enemies scattered on the runway and the building opposite (once again the sniper rifle being a far better choice than one of the pre-set weapons).

Regroup with Mason once the runway is clear being careful of the occasionally cheap enemy spawn here (he can spawn to your side if you aren’t cautious). Now you know where your target is it’s time to move. Keep moving up as McKnight clears the path for you. Head for the motel room and breach the door, off the guards inside and capture your target.

Objective: Escort false prophet to Army checkpoint

You will have the job of dealing with the soldiers tormenting common civilians, show them your version of the Geneva Convention and come down on them with the big whacking stick. Head into the building and give a wry grin at how Mason complies with orders. Kick open the door and head back onto the street for a CHECKPOINT. Run for the checkpoint until you get to about 170 meters away where your first armed enemy will be waiting behind a ute. Take him out quickly and as you move forward take cover as an enemy with a RPG will be in the next area. Sprint through the area using your close range weapons to deal with the three or so enemies in your path. When you get to the 120 meter mark you will have to deal with a few enemies who try to take up positions behind a car. Now this section can be annoying if you don’t take the time to remove the major threat before racing across to the objective.

A sniper is on the roof with perfect line of sight to where you would stop if you sprint across so deal with him before you even try. Killing as many of the enemies in the area as you can will also make it far easier. You can flank most of them by moving along the wall but the shrubbery will make your work tougher.

INTEL (20/33): Before making the dash for the church there is a small building with a smashed wall in the middle of this area. Head inside and the intel should be on the bench

Once you are satisfied, make the sprint across the gap and if the sniper is dead you should get a CHECKPOINT. Keep moving towards the objective taking out the remaining forces from your initial assault. Breach the door at the end of the street to watch another cut scene.

INTEL (21/33): Move straight ahead after the cut scene to find it on a bench

Follow the hallway until you rescue the trapped woman. If you still have those nightingales, they can come in handy after pulling yourself up. Throw one at the back of the corridor through the smoke and half the rush thats meant to come at you will instead run the other way (or you could try to take them all in melee for the points, just sayin’). Once they have been put down you should move through the smoke for a CHECKPOINT. Keep moving until you have to rescue your target. After the ‘conversation’ about following the rules you will have to sprint for the opposite building. Time your jump right and you should be fine. Trot along to the army checkpoint for yet another cut scene.

Afterwards your new target is identified you will have to take the shot. Note: This is a branching story path choice

The choice is shooting him in the head or in the chest twice (once standing and once on the ground). Doing the latter bags you an achievement.

Story happens and the level ends. Pretty easy overall, just a lot of cut scenes slow it down.