Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

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KARMA (Cayman Islands 2025)

Default loadout

  • Primary: PDW-57 with EDTech sight suppressor
  • Secondary: KAP-40 with tactical knife (Sniper is better)
  • Grenades/equipment: XM31 grenade/Flashbang 
  • Perks: Access kit

Mission objective: Secure Karma

Wait, floating city? Someone’s been watching too many Bioshock 3 trailers. I think it’s more like a massive oil rig platform that has been converted into a giant corporate park.

Objective: Get through security checkpoint

Follow your squad members into the complex Just relax and take in the scenery until you reach the second floor with the elevator. Two seconds in and security personnel will open fire.

Objective: Head to the CRC

Once the two mercenaries are down, head for the objective to meet ‘ziggy.’ Vent travelling time! Wow this is just like wall running with the aliens in aliens vs. predator as well as being equally sickening and disorienting. This is a very linear section that shouldn’t pose any problems.

Objective: Access CRC computer and search for Karma

Open the retina scanning door for a CHECKPOINT. Immediately take cover to the right behind Salazar as this reduces the number of enemies with line of sight to you drastically. The far right side of the room has one particularly deadly enemy so be careful when trying to line him up. Immediately after killing this guy an enemy will spawn and try to bum rush you from the right swap to a close range gun and mow him down when he appears. Once the area is clear, head to the access point to get some targeting data.

INTEL (16/33): On a desk on the right side of the room

After finding out what Karma is it’s time to hit the club. As you try to exit back out the way you came, more PMC soldiers will be waiting. The game tries to force you forward here, just keep in mind you can back up again to safety. Keep in mind that most of the enemies will rush past your allies here to try and take you out. On this difficulty it is best to push forward slowly to avoid getting surprised by spawners. The first objective is a door that will be kicked open and enemies will rush you. Retreat or meet them with an automatic gun and resume your slow advance. More corridors full of enemies greet you and the tactics remain the same. If you took my advice about the sniper rifle here is where it will really shine. Swap back and forth between your weapons (remember to swap to close range when healing or you could be bum rushed). Eventually you will reach the elevator again.

Objective: Rendezvous inside Club Solar

What an awesome looking club. Stroll past the bouncer like you are an A-list star until you meet up with your target on the dance floor. Once the crap hits the fan you will have to slo-mo kill about twenty enemies with an SMG. The checkpoint is at the start of this section so just repeat until you succeed. Definitely use the zoom to take them out accurately or they just become too much to handle.

Objective: Stop Defalco from escaping with Karma

Once you are back in control, notice there is an access point inside the armoury which was just opened. Grab the electric knuckles and whatever other weapons take your fancy before heading towards the next objective. This seems to be a rush to catch up with Defalco however I saw no timer or any means to assess if you are failing or not. I used the Barret for all of this section and moved through as fast as I could but didn’t fail so I’m unsure if it is timed.

INTEL (17/33) A store on the ground floor with the sign d’Ho has the intel in the back behind the cash registers

Most of the enemies you encounter in this section will be distracted by the security or your squad members so they are relatively easy pickings. The occasional one will run at you but otherwise this should be pretty simple. Keep pushing forwards to unlock a few checkpoints.

Objective: Open the mall door

Once you are told to open the mall door, you should see an access point to the left. Open it up to regain your little ASD friend from the earlier levels to help with the situation. Help Salazar open the mall door to reach the stairs to the outside. All the automated defences will begin to target all armed personnel so be aware that you may be shot in the back by your ‘allies.’ A couple of shots with a sniper should take out any ASD that gets in your way. As you continue moving keep an eye up for four snipers on the large raised garden in the middle of the area. This sequence is pretty much the same as the last, with most of the enemies being distracted.

INTEL (18/33): After passing the upraised rocks with the snipers on, stick to the right hand side and you should see the intel on a small stall after a little bit

Once Defalco actually appears as your objective, race for him as you have to try and stop him before he escapes now. A slow-mo scene will trigger when you approach and you will have to gun him down to succeed. Use the cover here as his shots are pretty lethal. You do have time to take his minions out as well so focus on removing them first as they will try to rush you otherwise. Take him down or let him escape to finish the level.

Note: This is a branching story path choice