Call of Duty: Black Ops II Walkthrough

cod bo2 walkthrough poster

FALLEN ANGEL (Pakistan 2025) FA5 I

Default loadout

  • Primary: MTAR with millimeter scanner
  • Secondary: Tac-45 with laser sight (swap with s/rifle)
  • Grenades/equipment: Semtex/Concussion 
  • Perks: Access Kit (worth it here)

Mission Objective: Gather intel on Menendez

Objective: Gain access to Anthem

INTEL (13/33): In the room you start in on the right

Seems the guys start off in a bit of a pickle. Once the Claw is up and running let it go and as you enter the next room there is an access icon. This activates the Claw flamethrower, why is the access perk so broken? Follow behind the Claws marking targets and picking off distracted survivors as you go. As you move forward through the room a drone will appear at the far windows. Pull out your sniper rifle (you did read the swap part didn’t you) and dig in halfway through the room behind the big wall. Peek around the corner taking shots whenever the drone exposes itself. After five or six shots (from the barret anyway) the drone should explode.

Move forward to the end of the room for a CHECKPOINT. As you move outside you should spot the access icon on a panel near a metal roller door. This lets one of the Claw head to a better vantage point up on the buildings. While they barbeque the enemies you can swap to your sniper again to clear the street and balconies of enemy soldiers. The Claw’s flamethrower is invaluable here, not because it kills the enemies but instead it locates them for you. Watch out for the movement of the water as it can push you out of cover as well. Waterfalls will also obscure your vision for a few seconds so take cover if this happens. You will have to move to the large arch at the end of the street to progress.

After the CHECKPOINT at the end of the street, three more enemies will be waiting around the corner. Drop them quickly and move forward until a train carriage starts hurtling down the street towards you. Follow the objective and Harper to reach a simple QTE and safety. Before following Harper down the alley, take your first right to find an ammo crate. Locked and reloaded, mosey after Harper for a CHECKPOINT.

INTEL (14/33): In the same side passage as the ammo crate on the ground

Objective: Avoid being spotted by MQ drones

Follow Harper’s instructions here to avoid becoming Swiss cheese. After moving through the building you will get a CHECKPOINT. Just a note that you cannot use the same pillar Harper is hiding behind as the drone will spot you (Thanks sooo much for that Harper). Use the prior one.

INTEL (15/33): When you enter the bank building (has a massive sign with bank on it) it is through the left entrance on the floor

Just keep going until you see two guys on a wall ahead. Harper will tell you to take out the one on the right. Do so to move up and enter the sewer level.

CHECKPOINT. Up the stairs will be an access point with some intel (not the collectable kind) inside. Play slip and slide as you follow Harper (just don’t contemplate what the water has been replaced by). After a bit more squelching you will contact the admiral.

Objective: Get to observation point

Use the grappling hook you stole off batman to reach the rooftop. Above you will find two very easy targets ready for a strangling. Take the one on the right to clear the roof. After this you will be given a new toy to play with. An ID scanning glove. People who have played Alpha Protocol will know the deal here. Line up and scan a person to check if it is your targer. I’ll make this easy for you, Menendez is wearing a white suit.

CHECKPOINT. Follow Harper along the rooftops, listening to his instructions to avoid detection.

Objective: Record Menendez’s conversation

When you are forced to go prone to avoid the spotlight, you will have to record the next important piece of the conversation. Locate Menendez nearby and hold the glove’s reticule on him until he moves out of range. Climb the boxes nearby and watch Harper take up amatuer surgery for a CHECKPOINT. The next recording will take place through the windows in this room so just wait till Menendez appears and record it.

Objective: Reacquire Menendez

CHECKPOINT. Follow Harper outside and resume your stop start mode of progress. It’s like driving in peak hour here! When you reach the point that Harper comments “these guys are in our way.” This supposedly translates to jump over the railing and melee them to death. Enter the door to find your third recording session.

Objective: Reacquire Menendez

Go for a nice relaxing little swim to reach a CHECKPOINT. And to find that not everything goes to plan (does it ever in these games?). Swim for your ass, or just your life as you get a new objective.

Objective: Rendezvous with Salazar

Objective: Clear the rail yard

Well this is certainly entertaining. You get to take command of both Claw units to clear the yard outside. Have some fun and let off steam here as the Claws just wipe anything in their path out. Once the yard is clear make a break for your escape vehicle. Turns out the Admiral is a bit of an asshole and want you to risk getting blown up even more. Ok, now this part seems difficult but it really isn’t if you know what’s happening. Pilot the drone to the barricade while taking out all the enemies along the way, then blow it up to start frantically driving out of there. Head for any open streets and generally take the left path unless told otherwise.

Near the end of the chain reaction/ exploding fire everywhere part if you dodge the wall of flames you will get an achievement.

Objective: Escape Anthem

Objective: Get to the extraction point

Thankfully you are out of the vehicle and on foot again. Head to the top of the slope to finish the level.