Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Multiplayer Mode

The saving grace in this game is most certainly the Multiplayer Mode.  With the ability to stream the game to other players in League Play and the multitude of options available, including being able to swap weapons for perks at the beginning of the game, you’re going to get the most bang for your buck with this game in multiplayer.

Treyarch included a system called “Pick 10”, in which you can choose between weapons, perks, or anything in between to take with you in the map.  Each item costs one point, and those ten items are all you are allowed.  That sounds like a limitation, but it’s not.  Having ten items to choose from, none costing more or less than others, is a great addition for short-game play like what is found in multiplayer.  It means that you can go in with exactly what you want and not have to worry about scrounging for gear in-game.


There are fourteen maps to choose from, and each is loaded with kills for your pleasure.  The weapons selection is nothing to sneer at either, and include the following:

  • AK-47
  • Ruger Mini-14
  • Valmet M76
  • R1 Rifle
  • AK-63
  • UZI
  • Stinger Missle
  • Mac 10
  • SW M76
  • Model 590
  • CAWS
  • Striker
  • Saiga-12
  • Model 700
  • PSG-1
  • M240
  • Skorpian
  • MEU
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Arwen 37
  • M26 Grenades

This is just a short list of the dozens upon dozens of weapons that are included in all of COD Black Ops II.  But picking between them and using them in multiplayer is by far the best experience I had with them.  Combine that with the ability to stream games via League Play, and then play back the best moments of the match for all to view with the “Highlights” feature, and multiplayer is an instant hit for all those who enjoy fragging the hell out of other players, then gloating about it in playbacks.