Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops


Overall, the gameplay left much to be desired.  The main campaign focused on the storyline, with much failure in the execution, and let the gameplay fall to the wayside.  I simply couldn’t let myself be drawn into the game.   I never felt myself disconnect with reality and become completely engrossed with the virtual world.  To me that’s always been the trademark of a great game.  If you forget the world around you and all you see is a lush jungle or derelict buildings and all you hear is gunfire, and not even an explosion in your front yard distracts you, then you have a great game.  Black Ops II simply doesn’t have it.

Zombie Campaigns

I hoped against hope that the zombie campaign would bring more to the table than the main campaign did.  And if you enjoy figuring the whole thing out with little to no help from the developer, then it’s awesome.  Zombie mode offers three sub-modes.  Survival, Tranzit, and Grief.

The Survival campaign was pretty much the way of life on the zombie campaign of Black Ops.  If you played it, then you know what it’s about.  Basically, you kill and try to stay alive.  But the two new campaigns, Grief and Tranzit, take all that to a whole new level.


In the Grief campaign, you get to play against other teams in a “last man standing” type battle.  You can’t shoot your opposing team, but you can throw chunks of meat and send the hordes of zombies rushing toward them while you and your team reload and get ready for the undead to turn attention back to you.  You can also run over and knock down a player or two on the opposing team.  Generally, you can just make life difficult for them, and they for you, but you can’t shoot each other.  In the end, the last man standing’s team is the winner.