Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough


A brief foreword

Hmm, the Resident Evil series pulled one of these too. The guys at Capcom and Infinity Ward think alike. Both knew their franchises were getting dull, and both drastically changed things for the fourth outing. However, both also kept many of the same gameplay elements.

Hold on now, this game is not the Second Coming like RE4 was. This game is  good, but it’s still COD with a new coat of paint. That is not a bad thing in any way, but having last played COD2, I quickly realized this game is more or less the same. And according to the rap during the credits, COD3 isn’t even a  real COD game, so I guess I’m good to skip 3.

This game is great. The developers realized that instead of making a 12 hour game with about six hours of pure repitition, they decided to cut out the filler and serve the tender meat only. This game is short, but that is not a knock against it. You’ll appreciate the fast pace and the tense situations.  These are the most intense cutscenes/pseudo-cutscenes in any game, and they may play with your emotions at times. It’s a game you want to play for  presentation alone.

The bad is that this game is TOO fast. It’s wham, bam, twist, end level. It borders on stressful, since you really never stop moving for long. Another  issue that new players won’t realize, this game is COD with new guns. The  bad thing about this is that instead of the ultra-high tech of a game like  GRAW, this game feels like you are limited. At times when things get hectic,  you just might wish you had a really cool helmet.

I’m through talking. Great game, enjoy, see ya,


Here are the 360 controls:

A Jump
B Crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
X reload/use; usually to hold to use something
Y Switch Guns
RT Fire
LT Aim down the sight
RB Frag Grenade
LB Special Grenade (either flash or smoke)
RS Look/Aim; click to Melee
LS Move, click to sprint
BACK Not sure

The PC has standard FPS controls, and the same since the last game. For all three of you with PCs and without knowledge of the controls, you can choose what buttons do what in the options menu.

Starter Tips

  • Toss ’em back – learn this trick early. When a grenade indicator pops up on screen, or you hear the sound, go pick up the grenade and quickly toss it back. It’s a free frag, but you have to get it as soon as it drops or else it will blow. If you can’t reach it in like one second, then run far away.
  • Cover up – if you are getting torn to pieces, fall behind cover and let your blood settle through your magic healing problems. Crazy biology aside, finding any cover, even not so good cover will usually save your life.
  • Don’t lose your tools – it’s the d-pad functions on the 360, but each button has a use in certain levels and with certain guns. All I’m saying is don’t  forget those abilities are there (claymores, gun-grenade launchers, etc.).
  • Follow the crowd – sticking to your somehow-always-the-same-size squad of friends is the only way to play. Don’t get too far ahead or behind, but mainly don’t go Rambo. There’s nothing for playing alone and no reason to not let  your allies kill enemies.
  • Preset vs Infinity – this regards enemy group sizes. Every area with bad guys will either have a set number you must kill, or they will keep coming no matter how good you kill them. But here is the trick to both: be aggressive. Just run toward all groups of enemies in a timely fashion. This is the only way to take out the neverending groups, since taking their areas chases them away, and it also works on set armies.
  • Watch your step – be aware that there will be new guns in every level. Swap anything for your pistol, and keep an eye out for better guns.