Bully Review


Become a white-trash delinquent

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a white-trash 15-year old delinquent would be like? Here’s your chance!

Bully is Rockstar’s latest attempt at creating the most controversial game on the planet. Have they succeeded? In some ways, the answer is “yes”.

You are Jimmy Hopkins, a new student at Bullworth Academy. Jimmy’s mom has enrolled him, hoping that a more structured environment will break Jimmy of his bad habits. Upon arriving, Jimmy is immediately escorted to the principal’s office, where the principal states that he intends to mold Jimmy into a model individual, not a kid who’s goal is to cuss, vandalize, rob, and harass his way through life. Will Jimmy change his bad ways? The decision is up to you.

Bullworth Academy somewhat resembles a typical highschool, where your classmates include nerds, jocks, greasers, cheerleaders, and of course, bullies. Without causing too much trouble, Jimmy must attend class every day while trying to complete tasks (Grand Theft Auto style) in his down time.

Classes, such as art, gym, and chemistry give you the tools to create new items and learn new fighting moves. Chemistry teaches you to make firecrackers, art gives you flowers to woo girls, and gym teaches you moves to disarm and humiliate fellow bullies. The only class that serves absolutely no purpose is English, where you must solve a word scramble. You pass or fail depending on how many words you can make out of a few select letters. Scrabble anyone?

So what exactly happens to Jimmy if he doesn’t go to class consistently or is caught making trouble? Prefects and teachers roam the school and surrounding grounds just looking for kids to pick on. If you are caught beating up helpless nerds, you are busted unless you can run and hide from them in a trash can. However, if someone sees you hop into a trash can, you are pulled out, and then… you guessed it! BUSTED! No worries though, prefects and teachers are hopelessly inept at finding trouble makers. Just don’t cause trouble with a red dot nearby and you’re golden.