Bring Reading Back: Turning Your iPad into a Library

Reading has always been a favorite pastime around the world, and with the rise of digital entertainment, there were many who feared that reading would become a thing of the past as more turned to video games and movies. Actually, quite the opposite has proven to be true. Rather than giving way or changing dramatically, books and reading have remained relatively the same, and have in fact become more popular than ever before. Some of the tablets have adopted amazing features, including the ability to emulate the software of other tablets on the market. Today, of course, we are discussing the Nook application now available for iPad. Is it a good thing? How well does it work? Surprisingly, it works quite well.


What Is This?

Previously, the Nook library would only have been available for those who actually purchased a Nook, and those who owned other tablets would have simply been out of luck. Now, with cross platform applications, reading from other libraries is now possible. In the case of the Nook free reading app for the iPad, it provides you not only with the ability to read your books anywhere, but also the ability to organize them just as you would on a bookshelf. Something to keep in mind is that with an iPad, you can command a number of other reading applications free of charge, giving you plenty of reading options and opportunities. This is a dramatic contrast to the often costly typical eReader, which would be capable of only running its own proprietary software. The iPad opens up many different opportunities and allows readers to experience their favorite books, whenever they want.

Nook Popularity

The popularity of the nook is not to be underestimated. According to CNET, the iPad might be the dominant tablet on the market (compared to the various other Android tablets and HD eReaders), but when it comes to eBook readers, the Nook has far surpassed the Kindle. This may simply be because it is more available than the Fire, as it can be purchased at any Barnes and Noble Store. A physical presence is appreciated when it comes to electronics of this nature and they are always quite present for their customers. Still, the iPad is winning out, and most individuals would rather keep a single tablet with them rather than carrying multiples around for different purposes. Fortunately, they don’t have to.

Improvements to the Nook Application

The vast improvements to the Nook application are not to be overlooked by any means. For example, they have made massive modifications to the shelf system, providing for more transparency in functionality as well as usability. Creating shelves has never been easier, and there have also been several other usability improvements throughout the entire application.

Limitations for the iPad Version

Apple’s terms of service, while appearing a bit draconian at times, found that the Nook application was in fact within violation of established terms by linking users to the Nook store and as a result, it was temporarily removed. In order to comply with Apple’s terms, Barnes and Noble was forced to remove access to the Nook store, at least from within the application. This means that users can no longer purchase items from directly within the application, but this does not stop you from signing in and using books that you have previously purchased. When you download the Nook application, you will be reminded that you cannot purchase from within the application, and will instead be prompted to open the Safari web browser (included on the iPad) and to navigate to the Nook homepage. Once you make your purchases, they will appear in your Nook library, and you will then be able to assign it to the shelf of your choice.

Books on Demand

The Nook eBook application allows you read the books you want, on your terms. How many times have you tried to find a newly released book only to be bounced around to multiple physical bookstores until you find that it is only available in hardcover and exceeds your monthly budget by 75%? Not only does the Nook application eliminate that problem, it also ensures that the prices you pay are considerably lower. EBooks are available in plentiful supply (unlimited) and with that being the case, you can always find the one you need. In addition to that, there is no book binding and no shipping, and finally, you can circumvent the potentially higher prices demanded by the Apple store if you choose to use the Nook software. It’s time for you to take full control of your reading experience and start enjoying all that Nook has to offer. From the high end functionality, all the way to the massive library of reading material offered. It’s time to read!

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