Brain Age FAQ: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day


A Brief Foreword

Brain Age is not really a “game;” gee, what a way to start a game guide. But never the less, I will try to take Brain Age off the GameFAQ’s front page by providing a complete guide/FAQ/tips, whatever.

Also, I only played this game on the DS Lite, whatever that means.

And remember, while I will try to help you reach that perfect 20, you will need to use your own brain; I’m quite happy with my 20, for now.

Short guide, I know.

Basic Info
What’s there to say? Hold the DS on the side. Just like a book. If you want a challenge, hold it horizontally.

You need:

  • A brain; a good, drug-free one preferably
  • A DS pen; not your finger
  • A clear voice; for the full game
  • No distractions; turn TV volume down, close door, etc.
  • Patience; will take 20 days to complete (unless you cheat)

This game is meant to keep your brain fresh and sharp. The theory is, if you don’t use it, you lose it; just like your muscles. So here is what you should do: play all the training games every day, and once you are done, go use your cat or dog as freeweight. That will keep you going till the end of time!

Also, it does help to play when your mind is at its best, or close to it. I mean don’t play when you are starving, or when you qualify as the living dead from staying up all night.

If you want high scores, you must be fast.

Also note, the training games are not the same as the brain check games.

Sudoku is just an added feature, but it is pretty cool.

Have others around you? Are they gamers? It doesn’t matter, let them try the brain check too! It is neat, though for me it only causes confusion from others.

Only do the voice exercises when no one is around, need I say more?

Practice makes perfect!