Boynq Mistral USB Notebook Fan Review


Makes Nerds Cool

The Mistral USB Ventilator from Boynq is yet another genius invention. Home cooling units have always been helpful, especially in the heat. Have you ever been to an intense LAN party and sweated like a pig because you couldn’t get cool? Now you can pop in a suave-looking USB fan and cool yourself with your own unit! Eliminates the need for those special orange clip-on personal fans..

The Mistral is the ideal USB fan for your notebook.  Different from other USB fans, ths Mistral has a special gear system, designed to keep the inside of the blade holder still while the fan blades rotate.  Behind the transparent centre part there is an LED light that lights up automatically.

The Mistral has gained fame as it is the best USB fan in the market; it has the biggest and best motor of all (10,000 rotations per minute) and it will definately keep you cool!

Here’s some fancy specs from Boynq:

  • high speed fan (10k rpm)
  • USB powered, no AC adapter required
  • Safe to use with soft neoprene blades
  • Flexible wire, 30cm
  • Easy to operate on/off switch
  • Illuminated stationary center

The Mistral fan is similar in many ways to the D’light. Both are small, compact, have an on/off switch, provide some kind of illumination, and have a flexible wire. In comparison, it could be argued that the fan is more useful than the light. Cooling yourself off is more important than being able to see your keyboard.